While the media has gotten the appropriate bad name for being the lap dog of liberal, there are still some good reporters out there who are acting as the 4th branch of government. That’s what a free press needs to be there for. And Sharl Atkisson was doing just that. Her beat was covering whistleblowers.

But whistleblowers in the government are the worst kind of whistleblowers, according to the government (but not according to the American people, who have a deep need and desire to know what their leaders are doing)

So it comes as no surprise that Obama wouldn’t want Atkisson to run an efficient reporting job. There’s too much at stake. Too many tangled messes, too many scandals that were never appropriately vetted, too much that would take down his legacy.

But Atkisson kept her nose to the grindstone. And as a result, strange things happened to her.

“The most important and irrefutable finding is: forensic evidence of a government-owned I.P. (internet protocol) address accessing my computer,” Attkisson told WND.

She said she was told that was “better evidence than the U.S. had when it accused China of various acts of hacking into our government, which the government accepts as proven.”

Her computers were examined by three independent forensics examiners including: a confidential source, an examiner hired by CBS News, and an examiner hired by her attorney.

What they found is just stunning.

“We are able to see instances of exact date and time that the intruders entered my computers, and the methods they used to do so.”
“They used commercial, non-attributable software proprietary to the CIA, FBI, NSA or DIA.”
“Skype was surreptitiously used to listen in on audio.”
“My smartphone was also infected.”
“Three classified documents had been put on my computer.”

Keep in mind, this is a reporter with millions of dollars at her disposal in order to investigate what was going on with her computer.

And she has more evidence of a hack on her computer than the US did when China hacked us- and the US accepted it as proof.

This is scary. It’s Orwellian. Big Brother is watching what we do. There is mass corruption. We’re trillions of dollars in debt. And that money is spent on spy programs of American citizens who are trying to expose corruption within the Government. The scariest part in all this is there is no recourse. Atkisson is suing the DOJ for money, but the DOJ would be the one responsible for determining if the DOJ is guilty.

Hopefully President Trump will gut some of these outlandish programs, unlike his predecessor who was inclined to use them.