When Donald Trump was campaigning for President, most folks wrote him off. The media wrote him off and liberals around the country thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell he’d win. Well, Trump shocked everyone and pulled out one of the biggest upsets of all time. And now liberals everywhere are freaked out that Trump is going to do awful things to America.

Never mind that he has sent the stock market to record highs….
Never mind that Donald Trump told the American public America would start leading the fight on sex trafficking and sex slavery….
Never mind that thousands have become gainfully employed as a result of Trump winning the election.

Forget all that.

Liberals everywhere think the sky will crash any day now and they’ve started preparing for the worst. They think Trump is minutes away from going nuclear.

The goal of the[Liberal Prepper], [Liberal Prepper Founder Colin]Waugh wrote, is to “combine minds and hearts, with an emphasis on preparedness, in a time where a progressive way of life has never been more at risk of becoming taboo or altogether ostracized.”
Three weeks later, The Liberal Prepper climbed to 1,000 members. As of now, it has amassed nearly 2,000.
The group is for liberals who, following Trump’s election, started prepping for a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or other unforeseen catastrophe.

Many conservatives prepared for the worst under Obama as he steadily fulfilled his campaign promise to “radically change America”. However, it seems even when preparing, liberals have different ideas of what being prepared means compared to conservatives.

Unlike conservative preppers, liberals tend to focus more on skills and supplies that will provide comfort (e.g. in the form of stoves and blankets) rather than protection (e.g. firearms), Waugh says.

In one sense, it’s a good thing for people of all stripes and colors to be more prepared if things go poorly in America. And in another sense, it’s ironic that liberals fear the worst from a man who is single-handedly responsible for creating billions of dollars worth of hotels, buildings, and jobs.

When Obama entered into office, he had no executive experience. He was a junior senator who voted present at most senate hearings and never rocked the boat. The most responsibility he had in his short career leading up to being the leader of the free world was being the editor of the Harvard Law Review.

But Obama made grandiose promises that liberals bought hook, line, and sinker. Now that Trump is in office, he’s already started to make America great again—his promise to Americans—and folks are heading to the hills.