Hillary shrugWhen Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White Houe the first time back in the 90’s, Hillary claimed they were flat broke.  They went begging and  soon secured book deals, speaking engagements, and illegal funds from the corrupt Clinton Foundation -their financial troubles were eased!

This time around, Hillary is begging once again. But it’s not a matter of trying to be free from financial disaster. This time she is begging for a different reason. She is pleading with the long arm of the law not to lock her up.

It’s no surprise, really. Hillary and Bill have been dodging the law, funneling money, persecuting political enemies, and using their political influence to tread where no normal person would dare to go. They always had friends in the political sphere to help them,  and since 1992, one or other has been considered one of the most powerful people in America.

But with Donald Trump’s election, their day in the spotlight may be coming to an end. And there’s no one in their corner to help them out.

So now Hillary is asking justice not be served:

The plaintiffs are arguing the case should to go trial because she doesn’t deserve special treatment as a member of the “political elite.”

Then [Hillary] argued in court filings that the case should be dismissed, claiming the plaintiffs, Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, and Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, haven’t properly claimed they were injured.

Hillary Clinton is playing the shell game with the families of victims of Benghazi. She is trying to avoid being held accountable for her actions even as her testimony of how the events unfolded changed dramatically in the weeks and months afterward.

She said the attack on a US Embassy that left two Americans dead was initially the result of a Youtube video causing a riot. She later “clarified” her position saying it was a terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, the plaintiffs are arguing that because she used her private email server to send classified information about the embassy, terrorist groups seized the information and acted on it, leading to Americans being slaughtered and the embassy being overrun.  That means Hillary’s illegal use of an unauthorized server puts the blood of those Americans on her hands.

If the plaintiffs have their way and damages can be proved and Hillary does not get to hide in the guise of elite protection, this case could lead to her undoing.

Since the Clintons no longer have political power as a shield, maybe Americans will get to see what is of tantamount importance- that is, no one is above the law, not even if your last name is Clinton.

Don’t forget, this is not an isolated incidence of criminality. Hillary and Bill have been accused of being involved in child prostitution rings, accepting & laundering money through the Clinton Foundation, targeting their enemies with the IRS as the attack dog, lying to the FBI, eliminating evidence after being subpoenaed and racking up a body count that the Mob would envy.

This is why justice needs to be served because the Clintons are criminals. Period.

What do you think of the lawsuit being brought against Hillary Clinton? Do they have a leg to stand on? Or is this a witch hunt by the Republicans? Let us know in the comments below.