Donald Trump is not the only one in hot water these days. Franklin Graham is also causing tempers to flare. But as Franklin is the son of Billy Graham, an outspoken preacher, and the CEO of a major non-profit, whatever he does is going to offend a lot of people.

People just love to hate.

And is it any surprise? Franklin Graham tries to consistently speak God’s word. People don’t like that. They don’t like to hear they are sinners or the actions they’re doing are keeping them separate from God.

So folks will do whatever it takes to paint Graham in a poor light. They’ll call him a racist, a bigot, a homophobe- none of that is true. Graham wouldn’t have started Samaritan’s Purse (which serves millions throughout the world) if he thought less of people who were not Americans.

Recently, when Graham stood in the gap and agreed with Donald Trump’s executive order to temporarily stop refugees from seven middle eastern countries from coming to the United States, folks went nuts. Graham was immediately labeled and people said he was not a Christian and not supporting our neighbor.

Some Baptists groups in Puerto Rico have said they will no longer support Franklin Graham’s evangelistic rally in San Juan this weekend because he supports President Donald Trump’s policies, claiming they are “contrary to the values of the Kingdom.”

In a Feb. 4 statement, written in Spanish by Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico Executive Minister Roberto Dieppa-Báez and President Margarita Ramirez, the groups said they “cannot agree with the expressions of Trump as they attack the life of our neighbor and Jesus has always called us to love even enemies and to be our brother’s keeper.”

But Graham countered, saying he is a firm believer in Puerto Ricans and their eternal salvation.

“My purpose for going is to help Puerto Ricans ‘immigrate’ from Earth to Heaven one day.
I want Puerto Ricans, by the thousands — and people everywhere — to have their immigration status in Heaven stamped and sealed with the blood of Jesus Christ for all eternity,” he added.

It’s not that Graham thinks immigrants are bad or even that Muslims are bad. He, along with Donald Trump, just want to have a vetting process in place which gives Americans a more responsible approach to immigration than Obama had in the year before he left office. Obama was letting in thousands upon thousands of immigrants, and was calling for even more. There wasn’t a process in place. ISIS was a threat then and they’re a threat now.

So it makes sense to stop refugees coming into the country until a vetting process is in place. That’s what Trump wanted as well: Security for Americans.

And now people are up in arms over it, trying to crucify Graham.