President Trump told the American people over and over that Obama and Hillary were a threat to the American people for the way they were handling ISIS. Heck, Hillary might have even been the cause of the formation of ISIS and Obama was hell-bent on getting as many Syrians into the country as quickly as possible before he left the office.

Donald Trump also said during his campaign that his generals would have 30 days to put a plan on his desk for dealing with ISIS.

Well, today is the 27th (and if you don’t count weekend), he’s ramping up to making good on one of his campaign promises to America. He just submitted a budget to Congress which will increase military spending by 10% while decreasing agencies in America that are repetitive or function poorly.

President Donald Trump will propose boosting defense spending by $54 billion in his first budget plan, offset by an equivalent cut from the rest of the government’s discretionary budget, according to administration officials.
Most federal agencies other than those involved in security will see their budgets reduced to make room for 10 percent higher spending on defense, said the officials, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity. The cuts won’t affect entitlements, including Social Security and Medicare, which make up about two-thirds of the $4 trillion federal budget. Trump has said he won’t touch either program.

With the increased spending, ISIS is in the crosshairs.

And General Mattis is about to drop a plan on Trump’s desk that exactly how that extra spending will be used to take out radical Islamic terrorists who are gunning to kill Americans and any other infidel who gets in their way.

So giveo r take a few days from when Trump took office and was getting situated to become President, he’s keeping campaign promises to Americas.  This is a big deal!

Right now, this means military. But down the road, it means more infrastructure, roads, and bridges will be repaired. Americans will be put back to work. We’ll see our southern border secured and our enemies will once again be put in their place.

But America, the liberals among us won’t like this. In fact, if you thought the smears againstTrump were bad now, just wait and see. The liberal media is going to lose their collective minds as Trump makes good on promise after promise. Watching Obama’s mistakes get fixed will make them see red. There will be a full assault against Trump, his character, and his supports in the months to come.