BuzzFeed’s incredibly liberal bias of writing has gotten them into trouble on more than one occasion.

Most significantly, BuzzFeed was the first to publish the so-called Trump dossier—which proved to be largely false information.

But now, BuzzFeed has gone too far—and their Democratic antics have blown up in their faces.

BuzzFeed partnered with Super PACs to create liberally-charges ads for their viewers.

In particular, many of the ads were fervently anti-Trump, and even went against BuzzFeed’s own policies.

The Daily Caller reported:

BuzzFeed partnered closely with multiple Democratic and anti-Trump super PACs in 2016 to target its own users with dozens of political advertisements that were not in accordance with its own policies, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

Former BuzzFeed Vice President Rena Shapiro, who led the website’s native political advertising team during the 2016 election, described candidly in a pair of unearthed interviews how she partnered closely with political groups to create ads that harnessed the data BuzzFeed collects on its audience of over 650 million people to solve their “ultimate need, which is to get elected, to get their message out there, or to canvas people together to create impact around a cause.”

“This is a data monster that we’re working with here at BuzzFeed, and it’s awesome to harness that power to everyone’s advantage in the political space,” Shapiro said in December 2016 on “Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda.”

Perhaps an even more shocking revelation was the admission that Shapiro was focused on helping Democratic candidates win—not running the news organization.

The Daily Caller continued:

Shortly after being hired to lead BuzzFeed’s politics and advocacy division, Shapiro stated publicly that her job at the viral news and entertainment site was to help political candidates win.

Later, BuzzFeed came under fire for cancelling their contract with the Republican National Committee, claiming the relationship was “bad for their health.”

The Daily Caller continued:

But as it turns out, only some in the political space were given the opportunity to partner with BuzzFeed’s viral marketing team to create custom political ads that, according to Shapiro, are “based off of mounds and piles and troves of data and information that we have as far as how people are interacting and engaging with content.”

BuzzFeed raised eyebrows in June 2016 when it announced it had canceled a $1.3 million advertising agreement with the Republican National Committee due to disagreements with then-candidate Donald Trump’s “offensive statements.”

Doing business with any group that supports Trump, BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti said after canceling the RNC ad buy, would be “hazardous to our health.”

“We don’t run cigarette ads because they are hazardous to our health, and we won’t accept Trump ads for the exact same reason,” Peretti said.

BuzzFeed is just one more liberal media site that sacrifices their journalistic integrity for their Democratic associations, and clearly it is costing them.

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