Progressive students are at it again — this time, they are arguing over which group is the most “oppressed” and “threatened.”

Students at the University of California recently gathered together at a “Students of Color” conference.

At the conference, the students argued over which group was the most oppressed and threatened by society.

 The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

A “Students of Color” conference at the University of California Irvine in late November descended into chaos as attendees couldn’t agree on which students of color were experiencing the greatest oppression from an “anti-blackness” establishment.

The arguments broke out once students started to arrive at the conference and realized the theme had been turned into one focusing on black struggles.

 The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Reports of the fractured conference were limited to a few Facebook shares until this week. According to the College Fix, the trouble all began when students arrived on Nov. 19 to discover the conference had already adopted a theme and that was to focus on the particular struggles of African-Americans against racism. Students not identifying as African-American immediately began arguing that other ethnic groups of color suffered equal or greater discrimination.

Ironically, the space was designated as a “safe space” for students, which have regrettably become popular for schools to host minorities across campuses nationwide.

The students were ultimately the most upset over the fact that the minority conference was given a theme that focused on black struggles, arguing that it was a time when Muslims faced the most stigma.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

What was described by event organizers as a “safe place” became a very angry one at one well-attended workshop.  Some students demanded to know why “anti-blackness” seemed to be the only issue on the agenda when, they argued, Muslims are exposed to greater discrimination and subject to bombing in the Middle East.

The group in charge of the event ultimately cancelled many other sessions for fear of more fighting amongst the groups.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Later, the UC Irvine Student’s Association, responsible for the ethnic dialogue, cancelled some “break-out” sessions, where conference participants could discuss issues informally, due to fears that they could break into more fighting.

Finally, a mass demonstration was called off because students again couldn’t agree on what to demonstrate against. Some even balked at repeating the chant that they were asked to recite at the planned protest.

The students took to social media to complain about the event after the fact.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Student Robert Gardner expressed his unhappiness over the “trauma some of the organizers made…It was really hurtful to have other marginalized identities silenced because a small fringe of organizers decided that their oppressions are more important (talk about Oppression Olympics)…”

Gardner added that he did not “appreciate one of the organizers calling my friend a bitch because of the chants she was told to say.”

Manny Quintero, another participating student suggested, “Hey, next time remember, all lives matter, it’s the most inclusive slogan out there.”

Ultimately, these students and their moral agendas are disrupting forces in the public education system.

Behavior such as theirs only adds to the divisiveness evident in the country today, and the school should be offering counseling on how to get along, rather than celebrating the divide with conferences such as this one.

What are your thoughts? Are these students right in fighting for minority rights in such a setting? Or is it just another moral outcry by social activists?

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