The so-called “mainstream’ media hates Donald Trump.

Ever since he was declared President, “journalists” have smeared him with repeated fake news stories.

But one study has proven – with actual numbers – just how biased the media really is.

If there was one campaign promise that set the media off, it was Trump’s proposal to institute extreme vetting for refugees and foreigners from countries with known ties to terror.

Trump made good on this promise when he signed executive orders imposing a 90-day pause on travel from seven nations which had already been identified by the Obama administration as terrorist hot spots, a 120-day pause on the refugee program, and an indefinite suspension of the Syrian refugee program.

In response, the media flipped out and began bombarding their viewers with footage of professional protesters storming America’s airports with hysterical news segments about Trump acting like a supposed dictator.

Their coverage was wall-to-wall and impossible to escape.

But there was also a lack of perspective.

Just weeks before Trump signed his order, Obama – in one of his final acts as President – ended the ability for Cuban refugees to automatically become citizens if they reached America’s shore to escape persecution from Cuba’s murderous, communist government.

The order was largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

But their lack of coverage was exposed by the Media Research Center.

The watchdog group noted that the so-called “mainstream” media devoted 57 times more coverage to Trump’s executive order than of Obama gutting the ability of Cuban refugees to seek safety in America.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“The three networks gave approximately 57 times the coverage to President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries than it did in the same time period for former President Obama’s order permanently ending a program for Cuban refugees.

By noon on Jan. 30, the first weekday after the Trump White House announced the executive order, the networks had devoted 64 minutes and eight seconds of coverage to the new immigration policy, according to data compiled by the conservative Media Research Center.

This stands in sharp contrast to how ABC, CBS and NBC News conducted themselves on Jan. 13, the morning after the Obama administration announced an immediate end to the “wet foot/dry foot” program by which Cuban refugees who made it to U.S. soil were allowed to stay here legally.

By this time on Jan. 13, the networks had spent a mere 68 seconds covering Obama permanently shuttering of the Cuban refugee program.

MRC noted the disparity in coverage, reporting that, “Both actions severelylimited immigration from certain regions, but CBS This Morning and NBC’s Today hyped the Castro regime ‘praising’ Obama’s policy decision,” the media watchdog noted. “In contrast, the coverage of Trump’s executive order has been overwhelmingly negative…”

Both Trump and his chief strategist Steve Bannon have referred to the media as the “opposition party”.

The media’s firestorm over Trump’s executive order – while largely ignoring the fact Obama reigned in a refugee program many Cubans feel will send their fellow Cubans to torture rooms and prison cells when they are sent back to their homeland – only adds more evidence that the media is not only hopelessly biased against Trump, but are partisans intent on sabotaging the Trump administration.