The “Deep State” has been a major topic of political conversation.

Many Americans believe the intelligence community is engaged in an active campaign of sabotage against Donald Trump.

Now WikiLeaks is making some of the CIA’s most frightening secrets public.

The anti-secrecy group announced they were publishing what they dub “Vault 7”.

This is a collection of the CIA’s hacking techniques and technologies.

And what’s been revealed has frightened many Americans.

The CIA has the ability to turn on the microphones on your smart phone and TV and listen to your conversations.

They also developed malware to infect iPhones, but then lost control of the program.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a source claimed this was even bigger than when Edward Snowden revealed the government was illegally spying on Americans and all their electronic communications.

The Journal also reported on the hacking capabilities revealed in the documents:

WikiLeaks said the documents show the CIA’s ability to bypass the encryption of popular messenger applications, including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and Confide by hacking the smartphones they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before the applications encrypt the user’s texts.

The site said the documents also show how the CIA developed other mobile hacking technologies, including the ability to activate the camera and microphone of a target’s smartphone covertly and surreptitiously retrieve a target’s geolocation, audio and text communications.

WikiLeaks said one of the documents also shows how the CIA developed a program to hack internet-connected televisions in conjunction with British intelligence. The attacks can place Samsung smart TVs in a fake off mode, so the owner believes the television is switched off, while in reality it is functioning as a bug and recording conversations in the room, WikiLeaks said.

But why were these documents released now?

Well Rush Limbaugh has a theory.

He believes a Trump supporter in the “Deep State” is fighting back against the Obama sabotage campaign.

Rush’s remarks are taken from the transcript of his show:

“There’s a whistleblower somewhere. I don’t know if it’s another Edward Snowden, but somebody in there has leaked these documents to WikiLeaks. Folks, 8,000. It’s called Vault 7, and it’s gonna take a long time to go through all of these. But it looks to me like somebody who supports Trump somewhere in the deep state is trying to impede and impugn the integrity of all of these investigations. And at the same time I think whoever did this, if it’s one person or many — whoever he, she, or they are — there’s no doubt in my mind that the Obama administration’s reputation is also under attack here.

Because most of what the WikiLeaks CIA release contains is what the CIA has been doing during the Obama years, specifically 2013 to 2016. And you throw Trump’s weekend tweet into this that Obama was hacking him. I want to go back to something I said yesterday about the FISA court and these warrants. When it comes to national security warrants, it’s entirely possible that Trump has seen them. His attorney general, Jeff Sessions, could go get the applications. It is entirely… Now, no FISA warrant to my knowledge has ever been made public, since the FISA court was first begun in the Carter years in 1978.”

Are the tables being turned on the Obama administration’s campaign to sabotage Trump?

Were these documents provided to WikiLeaks to undermine the credibility of Obama operatives within the intelligence community who are attacking Trump?

We will continue to keep you updated on this developing story.