For years, former President Barack Obama tried to scare the American people into thinking the world was headed for a massive meltdown.

During President Trump’s campaign, he worked to assure the American people global warming was a fraudulent construct forged by politically-charged scientists under Obama’s influence.

Now, a high-level whistleblower within a top scientific institution is confirming exactly that.

The high-level official came forth from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and proved the organization published manipulated data about the severity of global temperatures.

Breitbart News reported:

A high-level whistleblower at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has revealed that the organization published manipulated data in a major 2015 report on climate change in order to maximize impact on world leaders at the UN climate conference in Paris in 2015.

According to a report in The Mail on Sunday, NOAA scientist Dr. John Bates has produced “irrefutable evidence” that the NOAA study denying the “pause” in global warming in the period since 1998 was based on false and misleading data.

The fraudulent study was published in a scientific journal, Science, in 2015 – during Obama’s presidency.

Dr. John Bates, the hero of the matter, called the author out on his published inaccurate facts.

Breitbart News reported:

Dr. Bates accused the lead author of the paper, Thomas Karl, of “insisting on decisions and scientific choices that maximized warming and minimized documentation.” Bates says that Karl did so “in an effort to discredit the notion of a global warming pause, rushed so that he could time publication to influence national and international deliberations on climate policy.”

Furthermore, Dr. Bates confirmed the entire administration had a hand in the publishing of false data.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration “ignored” their normal protocol in terms of the publishing and review of the journal entry written by Thomas Karl.

The study was rushed through, allegedly, as a “blatant attempt to intensify the impact” of the published paper when it was launched in Paris.

Breitbart News reports:

Bates said that NOAA bypassed its own protocol, never subjecting the report to NOAA’s strict internal evaluation process. Rather, NOAA superiors rushed the study through in a “blatant attempt to intensify the impact” of the paper on the Paris meeting on climate change, he said.

The “Pausebuster” paper produced by NOAA in 2015 was based on two new sets of temperature data—one measuring land temperatures and the other sea temperatures—both of which turned out to be flawed.

Now, the NOAA is working hard and inconspicuously to cover up their wrongdoings – as they are “replacing” the data after only 18 months, claiming this change is being made in part because it used “unreliable methods which overstated the speed of warming”.

But here’s what really happened, as reported by Breitbart News:

A reported increase in sea surface temperatures was due to upwards adjustments of readings from fixed and floating buoys to agree with water temperature measured by ships, according to Bates.

Bates said that NOAA had good data from buoys but then “they threw it out and ‘corrected’ it by using the bad data from ships. You never change good data to agree with bad, but that’s what they did – so as to make it look as if the sea was warmer.”

The land temperature dataset, on the other hand, was the victim of software bugs that rendered its conclusions “unstable,” Bates said.

For too long, scientists have let their political motivations outweigh their moral obligations.

While Obama wanted to lead with fear tactics such as the “threat” of rising global temperatures, President Trump has no place for administrations that falsify their data and go against their cause for a political agenda.

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Do you believe global warming was an idea blown out of proportion by former President Obama and other democrats like Hillary Clinton, who ran on a campaign to be more “environmentally conscious”?

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