The 2016 Republican National Convention was packed with an all-star lineup of speakers, including actors, politicians and businessmen.

Willie Robertson, a reality TV star from the popular show Duck Dynasty, was one of those celebrities who starred in the opening night ceremony.

Robertson rocked the RNC with his speech, taking shots at the biased liberal media, inciting laughs and cheers, and bringing the audience to their feet multiple times.

But the main point of the outspoken star’s speech was obvious: a loud-and-clear message of support for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, adding, “No matter who you are, Donald Trump will have your back.”

The Duck Dynasty star said that he and Trump hold a lot in common:

“We’re both successful businessmen, although I flew here commercial and I’m guessing he didn’t.”

Robertson went on to joke, “And we both have intelligent wives who are much better looking than we are.”

The audience laughed and cheered, and appeared to be very welcoming and thankful to finally hear from a normal, down-to-earth Christian man who they can relate with.

Willie then turned his sights to liberal mainstream journalists and “media experts” for making early claims that Trump never stood a chance of winning, adding that, “it must be humbling to be so wrong about so much for so long.”

The Louisiana native endorsed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign earlier in the election cycle, where his father made a competing endorsement and backed Trump’s chief rival, Ted Cruz.

Robertson didn’t pull any punches, and jabbed at the liberal media for being out-of-touch with ordinary Americans on multiple occasions throughout his speech.  He offered a theory for why they, “missed the Trump Train.”

“They don’t hang out with regular folks like us, who like to hunt and fish and pray and actually work for a living,” echoed Robertson to a roaring crowd.

Multiple other Hollywood stars were also in attendance, including actor Scott Baio from “Happy Days” and soap opera star Antonio Sabato, Jr.

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