Did you guess California?

A gun rights group in California known as the Calguns Foundation has published two reports on handgun carry licenses in the state, which shows a “significant increase(s) in the number of California handgun licensees since it began carry license reform efforts.”

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) and other state agencies found an increase of almost 30,000 handgun carry licensees registered in California since May of 2009.

This is coming on the heels of the historic D.C. vs. Heller court case in 2008 where Dick Anthony Heller, District of Columbia police officer, sued the city after he was denied a one-year license for a handgun that he kept at home.

But why the spike in handgun carry licensees in California you might ask?  It’s simple.

According to The Daily Wire:

“Californians are watching the news and hearing about thousands of criminals being released from prison early, robberies, assaults, and all sorts of other horrors,” Brandon Combs, of the Calguns Foundation’s Executive Director, explained. “It makes total sense that they’ve responded by acquiring handgun carry licenses so they can defend themselves and their loved ones when they’re away from home.”

Gun regulation in California is currently categorized as “restrictive” in relation to other states. The state of California does not recognize the right to private gun ownership at the same level as federal law.

Still, it’s no secret that the greater Los Angeles area is a crime hub, but other cities in California are also extremely dangerous as well – and the Calguns Foundation study shows an increase in interstate criminal gun trafficking – which is significant statistical evidence of why Californians feel unsafe in their homes.

The Calguns Foundation also reports that since 2010, the number of residents in Sacramento County with a carry license has increased from 269 to 3,764 in 2013, based on data from the DOJ, and this 1,300 percent increase in three years doesn’t include the number of pending applications.

Combs went on to say that, “the total number of California gun licensees is still far too low. Unconstitutional policies are still preventing tens of millions of law-abiding Californians from exercising their fundamental Constitutional rights. We’re going to fix that, whatever it takes.”

Do you think other liberal states will follow?