Veterans and active-duty members of the military are the real heroes of the United States.

But the Obama administration either forgot about our veterans, or simply didn’t care enough to help them.

President Trump has vowed to help our veterans, and in the meantime, one veteran who has returned to civilian life is taking a big step towards changing the lives of his fellow veterans.

Joe Clemens of Michigan has opened his home to his fellow veterans, despite battling a terminal blood disease as a result of his service.

His mission is to provide comfort and support for those who enter his home until he can help secure their veteran benefits and get them back on their feet.

Fox News reports:

“No man left behind. That’s the way I’ve lived my life,” he told FOX 17 News. “When I got out, nobody helped me, so because of that, I wasn’t going to let that happen to anyone else.”

Clemens has been opening his home to veterans for around 8 years and estimates he has helped over 60 fellow veterans.

Fox News reports:

“I bought a house and I didn’t need all the rooms, so I started bringing in veterans that needed help,” Clemens explained. “If they need food, I buy them food… If they need clothes, I give them clothes.”

The veterans are allowed to stay in Clemens home for weeks or months at a time and are charged little to no rent.

He currently has three other veterans staying with him and is completing a renovation to add an addition onto the house to allow 3 extra individuals to stay with him at a time.

His community members have high praises for him.

Fox News reports:

“It’s just so selfless,” said retired Army Sergeant Jesse Pahman. “He’s bringing people off the streets. And he doesn’t ask any questions.”

“He’s a remarkable man”, added Jim Hause, who also retired from the Army. Clemens helped him and his family travel to California in December to see his son graduate from the Marine Corps. Hause said he couldn’t afford to go on his own, and nearly missed witnessing the special milestone.

“He’s like an angel, really is,” Hause said.

Clemens claims he simply takes pride in seeing others succeed.

Fox News reports:

“Seeing somebody live the dream that we fought for is pretty awesome,” he said. “Seeing somebody succeed and really being able to live their life, that’s the reward. It’s bigger than me.”

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