United Nations steps up plans to control American schools with mandatory anti-gun propaganda, backed by UN force

Under a new United Nations program, American school children will now be taught why private gun ownership should be criminalized and how they can be a part of the government’s plan to confiscate them.

American schools that refuse to adopt the anti-gun teaching plans can expect to be directly targeted by the U.N. Human Rights Council.

As part of a new drive to seize control of American public schools, the U.N. released a six-part lesson plan for schoolteachers, “World Without Weapons.”

According to the program:

Students will gain an overall understanding of the major issues relating to disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons, the motivations for armament and disarmament, and the process by which the international community, regional organizations and the UN encourage the practice of disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons. “

The U.N. expects kids to be able to

identify the range of actions, with their successes and challenges in the campaign to disarm” and “understand that creating a culture of change occurs at local, national, and global levels through the efforts of individuals, groups, and institutions.”

In other words, they’re promoting community organizing to ban and confiscate guns.

It also expects,

Students will gain an understanding of the history of global proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons to encourage student reflection on the resulting implication for national, global and human security. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to examine both the national and the international responses to the issue and explore future action that could be taken.”

The lesson plan teaches kids “Guns wound and kill individuals and serve as a means to frighten and terrorize; it is very difficult to build and sustain progress when people are fearful for their lives.”

It also teaches that people choose to own guns in order to “exert power over others.”

An entire section of the lesson plan is dedicated to praising Canada’s anti-gun laws, or specifically, Canada’s “expansive” government database of every gun owner.

What may be even more disturbing than the contents of the lesson plan is how the U.N. will force American schools to adopt it – through threats and intimidation.

The U.N. Human Rights Council has launched a new campaign to expand U.N. control over American schools.

The Council kicked off their campaign by isolating and targeting a Connecticut public school for using a history textbook which taught there had been only a few slaves in Connecticut during the Civil War, and that inspite of the overall horrors of slavery, some slaves had been treated well.

All of which is completely accurate.  There were only a few slaves in Connecticut, since it was not an agricultural state.

And while it is also true that slavery is a human rights abomination, there really were a few slaves who were treated well.

But to liberals, narrative is always more important than the truth. So the U.N. Council held a press conference to deliberately attack this small public school.

The school immediately apologized and purged the book from its curriculum.

The publisher of the book also agreed to delete any historical facts the U.N. found objectionable.

The United Nations targeted this school using the same means they’re supposed to be using against oppressive dictators and international war criminals.

And now they’re turning their attention to your gun rights.

The U.N. plans to weaponize your children to take your guns.  Are you ready to fight back?