The Paris Agreement came to be in 2016 when former President Obama and 170 other countries agreed to “combat climate change and adapt to its effects”.

But the Paris Agreement is ultimately just another empty liberal promise to bring about the change they want, without actually doing anything about it.

The reality of the situation is the Paris Agreement was a diplomatic move designed to strengthen foreign policy on Obama’s part, while hurting the American economy and blue-collar workers.

The Daily Caller reported:

So, you keep hearing about the Paris Climate Agreement but still don’t know anything about it?  That’s OK.  There’s a lot of hot air but not really much to know.

Ostensibly the agreement is about countries reducing their carbon emissions to fight global warming.  But the most important thing to know is that the only agreement in the Paris Climate Agreement — by both climate change warriors and global warming skeptics — is that it will have little, if any, effect on global warming.

President Trump promised during his campaigning he would end the Paris Agreement and bring jobs back to American workers.

The Paris Agreement is essentially a means of economic cooperation, with China and the United States being the only countries that have large enough carbon emissions to make any kind of impact on the climate.

But even the emissions from all 170 countries would not cause enough impact to harm the planet, which is the liberal argument for staying in the Paris Agreement.

The Daily Caller reported:

China and the US are the only two countries who matter in this agreement since they have the largest carbon emissions reduction targets by far.  These targets are pure fantasy, chosen just to be “ambitious”.  In my open letter to President Trump I wrote that such agreements have little to do with climate but are about economic competition.  China, being a lot less concerned about world opinion than the US, will just ignore its fantasy carbon emissions reduction target, keeping its economy healthy, and demand the US cripple its economy to reach the US’s fantasy carbon emissions reduction target.  (“Save the planet … the Chinese will need it.”)

If the U.S. involvement in the Paris Agreement really comes to an end, then jobs that were taken away from American workers would be restored.

In a suspicious move that was technically illegal, Obama made the Paris Agreement as part of an executive action rather than bringing it to Congress as the treaty it was.

By doing so, he took away jobs from American coal manufacturers and other producers of energy in the United States.

The Daily Signal reported:

In short, the Paris Agreement is bad for the American economy. What’s worse, the Obama administration’s decision to join it through a unilateral “executive agreement” not involving participation by Congress raised serious legal questions.

By withdrawing the United States from the agreement, President Donald Trump could achieve a win-win—advancing sound American economic policy in a manner that also strengthens respect for the rule of law.

Furthermore, the United States would gain an additional part of the $100 billion per year — which had previously been donated to underdeveloped countries — in hopes it would help them in their efforts against supposed climate change.

The Daily Caller reported:

Additionally, for the agreement being used for economic competition, the agreement specifies that $100 billion per year should be handed out to developing countries to help them adapt to climate change, whatever that means and assuming there is any climate change.  Experience has shown that the only adaption that will occur is that a few individuals in those developing countries will get very rich and leave their developing country.  And the donors, primarily the US, will have thrown their money down a hole yet again, when it could have been better used at home.

President Trump has carried out many of his campaign promises, but pulling out of the Paris Agreement is one of the more crucial ones he must face.

Do you think pulling out of the Paris Agreement would help the American economy?

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