President Donald Trump recently made his pick for his appointment of a Supreme Court Justice.

Neil Gorsuch was picked over all other candidates, including an original list of over twenty other names.

Despite threatening to filibuster the Senate’s confirmation hearing of the appointee, Gorsuch was confirmed as a high-ranking judge by the Senate in 2006, and a shocking revelation was brought to light in that circumstance.

In a surprising turn of events, many Democrats also wanted to put Gorsuch in office, despite his extremely conservative values.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that many of the Senate votes and publicity for the new judicial appointee in 2006 came from surprising sources — Democrats, including then-Senator Barack Obama.

Supporters of Gorsuch’s appointment in 2006 also included:


Former Vice President Joe Biden
Former Sen. Harry Reid
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, ranking member of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary
Sen. Maria Cantwell
Sen. Tom Carper
Sen. Patrick Leahy
Sen. Robert Menendez
Sen. Patty Murray
Sen. Bill Nelson
Sen. Jack Reed
Sen. Debbie Stabenow
Sen. Ron Wyden

Of much surprise is the fact that many of these Democrats actually argued they would filibuster Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court, when in fact they unanimously supported him in 2006.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

A handful of Democratic Senators indicated they would attempt to stage a filibuster.

“This is a stolen seat. This is the first time a Senate majority has stolen a seat,” Merkley said. “We will use every lever in our power to stop this.”

“A very large number of my colleagues will be opposed,” he added.

Originally, one person on the aforementioned list claimed they would act against the nomination as well.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

In a stunning about-face, at least one person on this list, Sen. Wyden of Oregon, announced he would oppose the nomination, and asserted Gorsuch “harkens back to the days when politicians restricted a people’s rights on a whim.”

Regardless of Democratic opinion then, they now seem to be backing away from support for him this time around to spite the new administration.

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