Barack Obama made many mistakes during his presidency; most notably, the weakness he showed in managing conflicts with foreign countries.

In times of potential war, Presidents often draw lines which the country will or will not follow.

And where Obama did not protect the line he supposedly drew in Syria, President Trump was quick to take action in terms of maintaining that line and the United States military stronghold.

President Trump is creating his own new plan with how to deal with Syria, and he intends to actually take action if needed, unlike his predecessor.

The Daily Caller reports:

Donald Trump said he enforced the red line Barack Obama drew in Syria in 2012 after his predecessor wouldn’t.

In an interview with Eric Bolling on “The Fox News Specialists,” the president was asked if he had his own version of a red line for North Korea. He said he learned from Obama’s red line, which the former president articulated in 2012 to mean that if Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons in Syria, it would warrant action from the U.S. military.

Though Assad did, it was never executed.

In the interview, President Trump mentioned his former colleague’s inadequacies when concerned with warfare.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Well, I’m not like President Obama where you draw a red line as you said a red line in the sand and then lots of bad things happen and he never goes over the red line,” Trump said. “In fact I actually covered his red line for him in Syria.”

“You just don’t talk about it. You do what you have to do and you don’t talk about it. So when people say well, I was asked the question yesterday, well I mean exactly when would you go in, at what time would you go in? I mean it’s ridiculous. I don’t want to talk about it. I can say this, he’d very threatening, he’s a big threat to the world…”

President Trump then went on to discuss current predicaments in the Middle East, and what the United States might do.

The Daily Caller reports:

“But I will say that you see what’s going on. It’s very, very threatening to us and to many other allies if you look at South Korea, if you look at Japan and others. It’s a very horrible thing that’s going on. And his statements are very inflammatory. They’re horrible. So we’ll have to see. I don’t like drawing red line but I act if I have to act.”

“I’ve been pretty well known for saying like nothing when it comes to the military,” he continued. “When they announced they were going into Mosul in 4 months, and then they said in 3 months, in 2 months, we’re going in next week. I said why do they keep saying that? That was supposed to be a pretty quick battle for Mosul. Guess what? It’s still going on because the enemy knew they were coming.

President Trump’s strong commitment to the military could not come at a better time, as the United States and North Korea have reached a new level of tension in terms of nuclear warfare.

At least United States citizens can rest well knowing there is a strong militant leader in office, rather than one who was too afraid of conflict to keep his own line uncrossed.

Do you believe we may have to take action against Syria soon?

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