Once Donald Trump became President-elect in November, the Obama administration panicked and implemented ridiculous laws because they realized they were no longer passing the torch to Hillary Clinton.

President Obama was demonstrable and ruthless with his power in the twilight of his presidency.

But Trump has kept true to his promises made on the campaign trail to undo Obama’s legacy.

Trump just signed a new resolution that will overturn an Obama action from December 2016, and it will breathe new life and create countless jobs for small towns in desperate need.

President Trump overturned the Stream Protection Rule that unfairly targets coal mining companies and the unbalanced restrictions on mountaintop-removal mines, along with unrealistic procedures of disposal.

Trump’s new resolution of expunging this rule will create thousands of jobs.

Before it was sent to his desk, it had to go through the GOP House, which Fox 40 reports:

“The Republican-led Congress took its first steps [February 1st] to roll back environmental, financial disclosure and energy regulations put in in place by the Obama administration.

The House passed a resolution, 228-194, that would repeal the ‘Stream Protection Rule,’ a measure issued recently that barred mining companies from putting any of their waste in local waterways.

The Senate is expected to approve the resolution as early as Thursday and send it to the President’s desk.”

And approximately 2 weeks later, the resolution did, in fact, end up on the President’s desk for approval.

According to Breitbart:

“Trump said the resolution would ‘eliminate another terrible job-killing rule’ and would help save thousands of American jobs in the mining industry.

Miners in hard hats surrounded the president, and House Republicans who supported the decision joined him for the signing ceremony at the White House.

Two Democrat senators were also present; West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp. Coal state Republican senators including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), Shelley Moore (W.Va.) Capito and Rand Paul (Ky.) also attended.

‘Our folks are so excited to have a pro-coal president and we thank you so much for being on our side,’ McConnell said to Trump during the ceremony.

Trump said he intends to keep his promises to the miners who backed his campaign.

‘The mines are a big deal,’ Trump said. ‘I got support from some of you folks right from the very beginning, and I won’t forget it.’”

David McKinley, a Republican Congressman from West Virginia, expressed his gratitude and a new hope for the mining industry with President Trump now in charge:

“Fortunately with President Trump, we now have a partner in the White House who understands how irresponsible and harmful these bureaucratic overreaches can be. 

Let’s get this Congressional Review Act passed as quickly as possible and send it to the president so we can protect our hardworking coal communities from this dangerous rule.”

The fact is, Obama proceeded with implementing and clarifying this Stream Protection Rule solely to be a thorn in the Trump administration’s side, but the President keeps cementing his legacy by undoing Obama’s.

Soon, Obama’s legacy will be but a fly on the wall, like it never even happened.