Obviously, President Donald Trump is passionately trying to convince the opposition about the danger of open borders, yet they refuse to listen to him.

On Saturday, at a rally in Florida, Trump echoed the enormous problems Sweden is currently having with their liberal acceptance of refugees into the country.

The liberal Democrats and Sweden had no idea what he was talking about and lashed out at him over his comments.

And although President Trump misspoke about an event occurring the night before, he was absolutely correct in revealing Sweden’s struggle with immigration – and it’s clear the government is attempting to cover it up.

According to The Washington Times:

“The Fox News ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show aired a report Friday night about documentary maker Ami Horowitz and his film about immigration and Sweden.

The documentary asserted that Sweden’s generous immigration policy was linked to a rise in crime and that the Swedish government has tried to cover it up.

‘Sweden had its first terrorist Islamic attack not that long ago, so they’re now getting a taste of what we’ve been seeing across Europe already,’ Mr. Horowitz told Mr. Carlson, apparently referring to a suicide bomber attack in Stockholm.”

The documentary by Ami Horowitz titled “Stockholm Syndrome” examines the rape and violence epidemic exploding across Sweden and the correlation between Sweden’s liberal immigration policy and the refugees who’ve flooded in without extreme vetting.

The documentary also accuses the Swedish government of covering up the spike in crime in their country.

But of course, the content of the documentary fell on deaf ears to the media and the Swedes who continued to attack Trump’s “ludicrous” comments.

And while the internet was exclusively making fun of Trump for mistakenly saying it was the night before (he probably meant he had learned of the documentary the night before), they failed to ignore the facts and the cover-up, which isn’t being reported at all.

He did correct his mistake with a tweet on Sunday:

Then on President’s Day, Trump doubled down on his comments about Sweden and the media’s cover-up.

The Washington Times reported:

“President Trump doubled down Monday defending his remarks about refugees in Sweden, accusing the ‘fake news media’ of misreporting the problems in that country.

‘Give the public a break – The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large-scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully.  NOT!’ tweeted Mr. Trump.

The president used the Scandinavian country as an example of the dangers of open-door refugee policies after a report on Fox News about a spike in rape and violence there and claims that the Swedish government is covering it up.

Over the weekend, the president was mocked and ridiculed for including Sweden in a list European countries he said were suffering problems after accepting large numbers of Middle East refuges.”

So while liberals, the mainstream media, and Sweden satirize Trump’s justifiable concerns that one of the most liberal countries in the world has a proven correlation between immigrants and violence, they continue in ad hominem attacks on his character, instead of educating themselves about the facts and cover-ups revealed in the documentary.

How typical.