Many organizations have fought for years to access the Internal Revenue Service’s private documents that would reveal the extent of its discriminatory actions against Christians and conservatives.

And who could be better than President-elect Donald Trump to champion a massive overhaul and uncover the criminal counts?

The billionaire has personally been victimized countless times by the much-feared federal agency.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said,

“President Trump needs to reopen the criminal investigation of the IRS as soon as he is sworn into office.”

His comment came in response to a document discovered by Judicial Watch that revealed,

“a top IRS official admitted that Cincinnati office agents were targeting organizations requesting tax exempt status based on ‘guilty by association’ and ‘party affiliation.’”

Obtaining these documents is completely legal under the Freedom of Information Act of 2013.

According to Judicial Watch:

“The newly obtained documents include handwritten notes from an ‘unidentified source’ at an IRS office meeting that apparently happened around August 2011.

‘According to an IRS court filing provided to Judicial Watch by the IRS, the notes were part of information taken from ‘four chief counsel employees (Victoria Judson, Janine Cook, Susan Brown, and Don Spellmann), Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division employee Nalee Park, and former IRS employee Sarah Hall Ingram.’

The notes reveal the belief about the IRS workers: ‘they think they know what the org is really doing, rather than looking at actual activities. Q’s were not activity based, but guilt by association questions – like q’s asking party affiliations…

They see approval of something that will turn out to be very bad org – terrified of that – that’s why they personally will need to have power to say yes. Agents felt if they could ask enough questions, they will find a problem.

Agents were jumping to negative conclusions and assumptions – particularly where relationship with political groups or affiliations.’”

Several years ago, damaging discrimination was uncovered that the IRS had towards Christians and their groups when they applied for tax status, which they claimed was a violation of Constitutional law.

Some of the tactics the IRS used towards these Christian groups was delaying a decision on issuing their approval or disapproval of tax status.

This scummy tactic meant that Christian organizations couldn’t operate properly, nor were they even allowed to appeal to a swift decision.

The IRS also made inappropriate demands to conservative groups that they had to denounce any opposition to Planned Parenthood’s pro-choice abortion agenda in order to receive their tax status.

The IRS is a dictatorship.

Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice represents three non-profits that applied for tax-exempt status years ago at a time when the agency was selectively targeting and discriminating against conservative groups.

They recently received letters from the IRS regarding their requests, and two of the three were denied tax-exempt status for frivolous reasons.

Sekulow said in response to the new letters:

“It is clear that we still have an IRS that is corrupt and incapable of self-correction.

We’re pleased Unite in Action has finally received its approval after lengthy delays.

We’re now in the process of reviewing the proposed denials in the other two cases as we aggressively move forward with our federal lawsuit against the IRS to ensure it is bound by the U.S. Constitution and the law protecting the fundamental freedoms of speech and association that serve as the bedrock to this great nation.

As we continue our fight at the ACLJ against the lawless, unconstitutional Obama administration’s IRS targeting of grassroots conservatives, we are achieving important victories.

But the fight also continues in federal court to ensure justice for all 38 of our clients from 22 states across the country.  We must not stop fighting the IRS corruption until there is true justice and assurances that no American will ever be targeted by the IRS for his or her beliefs ever again.

Three of our remaining clients have received determinations from the IRS in recent weeks after a significant victory in which a federal judge ordered the IRS to issue determinations within 30 days. Michigan-based Unite in Action – after waiting for more than six years – has been approved by the IRS.”

Now it’s time for Donald Trump to completely overhaul the IRS, and there’s no one better to do it than someone who’s been victimized by them, himself.