President Trump has had a very busy first few weeks cleaning up the messes made by former president Barack Obama.

While reviewing environmental matters, President Trump had one very controversial project come across his desk, and acted immediately upon it.

Trump is now acting upon the controversial project which came to a climax during Obama’s last few months in office – and Trump’s actions are just another step in demolishing the so-called “legacy” Obama wanted to leave behind.

Trump recently gave the green light to Army Corps members to continue the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

The project was so controversial with liberal protesters due to its proximity to the Standing Rock Tribe and their water supply.

NPR reports:

The pipelines had been stopped during the Obama administration. The State Department rejected a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, and President Obama ordered work halted on the Dakota pipeline after Native American groups and other activists protested its route near culturally sensitive sites in North Dakota.

But the protesting was mostly due to misinformation about the project.

The Standing Rock Indian Tribe claimed the pipeline was a hazard to their water supply and violated treaty rights.

Dakota Access Pipeline Facts reports:

In developing the route, the United States Army Corps of Engineers alone held 389 meetings with 55 tribes regarding the Dakota Access project. In addition, the U.S. Army Corps reached out to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe nearly a dozen times to discuss archaeological and other surveys conducted before finalizing the Dakota Access route.

The Dakota Access is one of the most technologically advanced and safest pipelines ever built. It is entirely underground and surpasses federal safety requirements.

The pipeline does not encroach or cross any land owned by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
The Dakota Access Pipeline is entirely underground and will cross under Lake Oahe at a minimum depth of 95 feet below the riverbed.

The Dakota Access Pipeline does not endanger water; the Standing Rock Sioux water inlet by early 2017 will be moved to a location more than 70 miles away from the pipeline.
The majority of protesters are not there to protect water, as they claim, but are actually extremists opposed to any and all use of fossil fuels.

The project is resubmitting its application to build both the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone Pipeline.

The revival of the project will bring a whopping 28,000 jobs back to the American people, a fact President Trump is very proud of.

NPR reports:

Trump said the Keystone XL pipeline will mean “a lot of jobs, 28,000 construction jobs, great construction jobs.”

While many liberal protesters and the members of the Standing Rock Tribe are vocal against the revival of the project, many stand behind Trump’s decision in the hopes to make America more self-sufficient in terms of having a steady energy supply, domestically.

NPR reports:

North Dakota Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp said Trump’s actions “are a needed step” toward the goal of an all-of-the-above North American energy strategy.

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Do you think America should be self-sufficient in terms of having its own energy supply, such as one the pipelines would provide?

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