Aside from Donald Trump, it may be that no other Republican had a bigger 2016 than South Carolina Congressman, Trey Gowdy.

It was his Benghazi Select Committee that uncovered Hillary Clinton’s private email server which helped to drag down her poll numbers.

And rumors are spreading that Gowdy will follow up with his investigation.

During the election, Gowdy remained a constant thorn in Hillary Clinton’s side.

When the Benghazi Select Committee released their final report in June, it contained disturbing findings about Clinton and Obama’s conduct during the terrorist attacks.

The Committee revealed that during private communications with world leaders, Clinton had acknowledged the attacks in Benghazi were carried out by terrorists.

But she lied to the American people and claimed they were inspired by a YouTube video.

Exposing Clinton’s layers of deceit dragged her “honest and trustworthy” numbers into the basement.

And it was also Gowdy’s committee that uncovered the private email server which forced the FBI to open a criminal investigation.

This investigation continued to hound Clinton up to the final days of her campaign.

So how will Gowdy follow up his epic takedown of Hillary Clinton?

Reports are surfacing he may head home to South Carolina to seek a role in state politics.

Current Governor Nikki Haley is term limited and will be out of office in 2018.

Republicans need a ticket to run as Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

The Post and Courier reports Senator Tim Scott could seek the gubernatorial nomination and name Gowdy as his running mate:

“Two of South Carolina’s most popular Republicans, U.S. Sen. Tim Scott and U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, are weighing a joint run for governor and lieutenant governor in 2018, The Post and Courier learned Friday.

A ticket with a pair of influential members of the state’s congressional delegation could clear the 2018 GOP field that is expected to include S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, the son of a congressman, and Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster, an early supporter of President-elect Donald Trump.

“It would be like Michael Jordan and Lebron James being on the same team,” S.C. GOP Party Chairman Matt Moore said of a Scott-Gowdy ticket. “A lot of South Carolina Republicans would be very excited if this happens.”

Moore said he cannot tell candidates whether or not to enter the race but acknowledged challenging the duo “would be an uphill battle for anyone to run against.”

A decision on a run is expected by year’s end, a source with knowledge of the discussions told the newspaper. South Carolina voters will elect a governor and lieutenant governor on the same ticket for the first time in 2018.”

The Post and Courier also notes Gowdy and Scott are close friends and Gowdy wishes to work closer to his family in South Carolina.

Some conservatives believe this would a step down for Gowdy.

The Lieutenant Governor position in South Carolina is now very prestigious and often fades into the background of state politics.