Ever since he became the GOP nominee, the Democrats have floated multiple conspiracy theories about Donald Trump.

And the media lapped them up and obediently reported on all of them.

But Trey Gowdy destroyed two of the left’s biggest lies in just one interview.

Gowdy appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia.

The left has pounded on their drums that Trump is a puppet of Putin and therefore he and his campaign must have colluded with Russia.

Gowdy emphatically dismissed their speculation as nonsense.

The Blaze reports:

“So it does seem in light of the foreign policy developments of the past month or so,” Carlson began, “where the United States has assumed a hostile posture toward Russia, that most people have kinda decided y’know, how would Trump be doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin when he and Putin are so at odds. So why given that, is this going forward?”

“Well, I think some of the folks initially who thought that was the motive behind,” Gowdy explained, “you have to accept as accurate that Donald Trump colluded and coordinated with the Russians and that they had a motive to help him. So all of those assumptions had to be made before you can then say, ‘but he’s taken a more belligerent stance towards Russia, therefore that must not be true.’

“I start at ground zero,’ he continued. “What happened in 2016, whether it was Russia or another foreign actor, did they try to interfere with our election, what was our response in 2016? Not two months ago, 2016, what did we know, what did we do about it? The felonious dissemination of classified material to me is always relevant. Whether it’s in the headlines or not, it’s always important. And the issue of unmasking is important.”

Democrats – such as House Intelligence ranking member Adam Schiff – have also boasted that they are certain members of the Trump campaign will be indicted over this investigation.

But Gowdy swatted down those statements as irresponsible.

The Blaze also reports:

“So unless I’m missing something,” Carlson said, “the only crime that we’re pretty certain occurred, in the U.S., was the leaking of Michael Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador, is that part of the investigation?”

“I would say the hacking of the DNC would also constitute a criminal act,” Gowdy responded. “So, and the FBI would have jurisdiction over both of those. But I don’t think Congress is well equipped to investigate crime. In fact, I know we’re not. So, the constitutional injury or things that are of significant public interest, there is a role for Congress to play. We’re dreadful at investigating crime, and we should not attempt to do so. Which is why you don’t hear me alleging that people committed crimes.”

“That doesn’t stop some of your colleagues, I notice,” Carlson interrupted.

“It doesn’t, and that disappoints me,” Gowdy replied, “because I think you ought to wait until all the evidence is in and then ask the jury to draw whatever conclusion you want. But we only have one reputation, and it is so easy to accuse someone of a criminal act, and we do it unfortunately in modern day culture a lot. It’s just unfair to the individual no matter who’s doing it.”

The left’s baseless conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia have received plenty of play in the media.

CNN has made this evidence-free claim the centerpiece of their network.

But Gowdy struck down two of their most outrageous claims.