The left is still failing to come to grips with the results of the election.

Voters rejected political correctness and identity politics.

So many Americans believe a new racist attack video produced by the left could guarantee Trump’s re-election.

MTV is positioning itself as the latest leaders in the crusade for social justice.

The network long ago abandoned its primary mission of playing music videos.

Now MTV believes it’s on the forefront of the left’s identity politics war.

But the network found itself embroiled in controversy when they released a video entitled “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys.”

The video was quickly interpreted as a racially charged attack on Trump supporters and Republicans.

And it speaks to a mindset that has overtaken the left.

Critics argue the social justice warriors who create videos like this equate being white and male with an accusation of guilt.

They believe these Americans are inherently racist, sexist and homophobic.

And this is exactly the politically correct mindset many Americans were fed up with during 2016.

Americans have been increasingly horrified at the scenes unfolding on college campuses – which are the front lines in the battle over identity politics and political correctness.

Ethnic food nights have been canceled because social justice warriors whine about “cultural appropriation”.

Left-leaning students protest and block conservatives from speaking on campus.

And after the election, students across America demanded “safe spaces” from Trump’s victory.

Too often at these colleges, disagreeing with the left gets one labeled a racist, a sexist, and a bigot.

This belief spread over to the media outlets which spent 18 months smearing Trump supporters as racists.

Hillary Clinton even bought into it when she labeled half of Trump supporters as “deplorable”.

Doubling down on identity politics and trying to lump all white men together as irredeemable bigots will only strengthen the support for Donald Trump as backlash to the left’s racial politics.

One writer for Reason magazine even asked if the creators of the video were Trump supporters.

Rather than engage in a thorough self-examination since losing the election, leftists are producing videos calling white men horrible people as a way to attack Trump voters.

But in virtue of their unhinged conduct and making politics personal, they are only ensuring that Trump’s supporters stick with him no matter what.