Nate Silver is the polling guru the left counts on to forecast who will win elections.

He built his reputation on correctly predicting the outcomes of the 2008 and 2012 presidential contests.

And now his election forecast shows a dramatic shift in the fortunes of one candidate.

Prior to the GOP convention, Nate Silver’s website —’s — prediction model gave Hillary around a 70% chance of winning the election.

But when the post-GOP convention polling was released and Trump received a significant bounce, Silver’s model flipped in Trump’s favor.

Now, predicts if the election were held today, Trump would have a 57% chance of winning.

Business Insider reports:

In his “Now-cast” election model for who would win if ballots were cast Monday, Silver gave the Republican nominee a 57.5% chance of winning the presidency.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had a 42.5% chance of securing the nation’s highest office if voters were to take to the polls Monday.

Silver’s model had Trump winning in the swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire. He would win 285 electoral votes in Silver’s model.

It’s the first time in Silver’s “Now-cast” forecast that Trump has been projected to win.

Silver tried to downplay the results on Twitter in order to reassure nervous liberals.

Despite Silver trying to slow-play his model’s prediction, the polls clearly show a shift in momentum.

Trump took the lead over Hillary in the CNN and CBS News polls.

The Republican nominee received a bounce in the polls, despite the media trying their best to paint the GOP convention as an apocalyptic failure.