The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein is one of the most reliably left-wing reporters in America.

He recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss Obama’s political impact on the Democratic Party.

What he said left the show’s panel and viewing audience in shock.

During his appearance, the discussion drifted to Obama’s comments to David Axelrod that he could have defeated Trump and won a third term.

Stein expanded on those comments to reflect on the wreckage left behind by Obama as the leader of the Democratic Party.

The Daily Caller reported:

“Sam first agreed with the likes of Mike Huckabee that Obama’s Monday comment that he would have defeated Trump in the 2016 election was actually a dig on Hillary Clinton before criticizing the President for fracturing the Democratic party.

“This was as much a dig against Clinton as it was Trump from President Obama,” Stein explained. “To a certain extent, you have to say, okay, Democrats may be overanalyzing the loss a bit because they ended up with 2.8 million more votes for their candidate.”

“It was 80,000 votes in three states that really cost her, but then on the other hand you look at the destruction of the Democratic Party under Barack Obama’s leadership and you have to wonder, you know, what was the political — what were the electoral benefits that he gave to the party?”

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“He leaves them in a much worse position,” he continued. “The states are decimated. they lost control of the House and Senate. The governorships are decimated.”

“So obviously, he is a gifted candidate — he did win the election twice by substantial margins — but his legacy as a politician is a bit muddied by all that.”

Obama was always more personally popular than his policies.

When it was just his agenda – and not him on the ballot – Democrats were crushed in the 2010, 2014 and 2016 elections.

In fact, some conservatives argue that the only reason he won re-election in 2012 was because the GOP establishment foisted Mitt Romney – the man who invented Obamacare at the state level – as their party nominee and took Obamacare off the table as a campaign issue.

Without Obama’s agenda on the ballot, Obama was able to campaign on his personal charm and he easily defeated the wooden Romney.

When Obama took office in 2009, the Democrats held sizable majorities in both houses of Congress and the majority of Governorships.

But because the Democrats acted as loyal foot soldiers — Obama imposed his disastrous agenda of Obamacare, illegal executive amnesty, higher taxes, and job-killing regulations — their party suffered massive defeats.

During the Obama era, Democrats lost over 1,000 seats at every level of government.

They are now reduced to their lowest political standing in nearly 100 years.

The numbers back up Stein’s claim that Obama destroyed the Democratic Party.

Do you agree?

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