Ann Coulter was one of Donald Trump’s earliest and most vocal backers.

She backed his candidacy when everyone laughed at her for claiming Trump was the most electable Republican.

But she’s just written a column with a dire warning entitled “How the Establishment Will Destroy Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump won the election because he promised change from a failed political establishment.

The most important policy he campaigned on was securing the border and stopping illegal immigration.

When he refused to back down — in the face of a media and corporate America fueled smear campaign to label him as a racist — he won a legion of followers, who stuck with him through the ups and downs of the campaign and allowed him to emerge victorious.

Now that he is moving from candidate to President-elect, many are wondering if Trump will be able to stick to his guns on immigration.

Immigration is what won him a base of supporters that never wavered. Coulter believes if the establishment tricks Trump into accommodating them on immigration, Trump’s base will abandon him.

Ann Coulter explains that too often Republicans seek the approval of the elite media in the face of political pressure — and things always turn out rotten.

As an example, she uses President George H.W. Bush who campaigned on a famous promise of “Read my lips. No new taxes.”

He won by a landslide in 1988 because the American people wanted a “third term for Ronald Reagan.”

But Bush yielded in the face of pressure from the liberal media and Democrats by agreeing to a tax hike.

Bush was trounced in his re-election bid by Bill Clinton.

Coulter is concerned the same type of establishment pressure could affect the nominees that President-elect Trump puts in place because they have the power to affect the  immigration policy.

Coulter writes:

“There are only a handful of people in the entire country with the knowledge and ability to enforce our immigration laws. Any Cabinet appointees likely to impress The New York Times aren’t going to get it done. They won’t have to expressly defy Trump. They just won’t do it. 

Perhaps they’ll make some showy effort at deporting illegals — and then back down at the first La Raza lawsuit. Or they will allow career government lawyers to submit briefs in court that cite all the wrong cases. Or they’ll wait for Speaker Paul Ryan’s approval to do anything. Or they’ll be moved by a Nikki Haley speech about the vibrant diversity of Somali refugees. Or they’ll be scared off by Washington bureaucrats who say, You can’t do that!

But if Trump chooses from among the few people who know how to get it done (Kris Kobach, Kris Kobach or Kris Kobach), his promises will be kept. He can relax. He can spend all his time playing golf, living in Trump Tower, yelling at American CEOs trying to outsource jobs — and engaging in appalling conflicts of interest with his businesses.

He could even shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. (I propose GOP consultant Rick Wilson!)

Trump is down to his last wish from Aladdin. He can impress The New York Times, or he can make America great again. But he can’t do both.”

President-elect Trump’s pick for Department of Homeland Security was General John Kelly.

Kelly is known as a border hawk who wants to secure our southern border to close off any possibility of terrorists sneaking into our country.

Trump’s selection of Senator Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General sends another signal that he intends to follow through on his campaign rhetoric to secure our border and stop illegal immigration.