South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been one of the leading mouthpieces for the Republican establishment.

He’s tried to sell out conservatives on so-called “climate change”, amnesty, raising the debt ceiling, and defunding ObamaCare.

And now Senator Graham is proposing legislation to undermine one of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises.

President-elect Donald Trump pledged to end Barack Obama’s executive orders that granted amnesty to illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as minors.

Obama granted this amnesty prior to the 2012 election in an effort to pander to the Hispanic vote.

Trump campaigned on overturning this executive amnesty.

And he is facing resistance from establishment Republicans.

Lindsey Graham was a member of the Gang of Eight that drafted the amnesty bill in 2013.

He has long championed citizenship and voting rights for illegal immigrants because he believes amnesty is the only way to appeal to Hispanic voters.

But Trump has proven opposing amnesty is a winning strategy for Republicans.

He mobilized the working class vote in the industrial Midwest, and he also won a greater share of the Hispanic vote than the pro-amnesty nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney.

That still has not convinced Graham to give up his crusade to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

Politico reports he is drafting legislation to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens covered under Barack Obama’s 2012 executive order:

“The worst outcome is to repeal the legal status that these kids have,” Graham said Wednesday. “Whether you agree with them having it or not, they’ve come out of the shadows.”

Graham said he is working with both Democrats and Republicans, and named Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) as one GOP supporter of the forthcoming legislation. While lawmakers are discussing the proposal now, actual legislation won’t be rolled out until the new Congress next year, Graham said. A spokesman for Flake said the senator is discussing “potential paths forward” in dealing with the DACA issue with several colleagues.

One Democrat who has spoken to Graham about the issue and potential legislative remedies is Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat who has been giving daily floor speeches since the election on behalf of the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, who are known as Dreamers.

“Durbin will be involved in any effort to save the Dreamers,” spokesman Ben Marter said of the senator, who first introduced legislation to give Dreamers a pathway to citizenship 15 years ago and who first proposed the idea of DACA two years before Obama formally issued his directive.

The plan discussed by Graham would apply just to the immigrants who had been approved under the 2012 directive from Obama. Graham indicated that the legislation would be a bridge from a repeal of DACA “until we can fix the overall problem.”

“It’s going to be basically, if you have legal status, you’ll continue legal status,” Graham said. “I think it would pass overwhelmingly.”

Graham’s bill not only runs counter to Trump’s platform, but it promises to divide the Republican Party.

In 2014 and 2016, Republicans won their elections by opposing not just amnesty, but Barack Obama’s illegal executive amnesty.

The failure to fight Obama on his executive orders has already nearly torn the Republican Party in two.

Lindsey Graham continuing to push amnesty, even after it was overwhelmingly rejected by the American people in the November election, is a betrayal to the millions of Americans who just handed unified control of the government to the GOP.