One of the great mysteries of Hillary’s campaign is what happened to Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails?

It was revealed Hillary deleted the emails because her legal team deemed them “personal” so they didn’t turn them over to the FBI.

But someone just announced who still has the missing emails which will be released.

Internet activist Kim Dotcom revealed WikiLeaks has the emails and intends to publish them.

Infowars reports on Rush Limbaugh speculating on Kim Dotcom leaking Hillary’s emails:

“As far back as December 2014, Schmitz also tweeted that he was “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016!”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh picked up on the issue during his radio show on Friday, speculating that Kim Dotcom could have been the hacker that handed Hillary’s deleted emails to Wikileaks.

“In all of these Podesta emails there’s not a single Hillary Clinton email in the bunch, if you have noticed. It’s Podesta emailing everybody, the DNC, everybody in the Hillary campaign, but there are no Hillary Clinton emails in this Podesta dump,” said Limbaugh.

“Along comes Kim Dotcom who’s got an axe to grind with the U.S. government, the Obama administration. He knows Assange. So the people — nobody knows — this is all speculation. What’s going on here is that Kim Dotcom has worked with Assange and is really the hacker. It’s not the Russians,” he added.”

The revelations of Hillary Clinton’s missing emails could be the final nail in the coffin for her campaign.

She is already plummeting in the polls after FBI Director Comey announced he was reopening the investigation into her private email server.

And we know she did not turn over all work related emails to investigators.

Director Comey stated her team only used keyword searches to determine if the contents of an email were work related.

Among these 33,000 emails could be additional messages containing classified information.

If investigators find classified intelligence on the same computer that a grown man used to send sexual messages to a 15 year-old girl, it could be the end of Hillary’s campaign.

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