In trying to deflect blame away from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for losing the election, the so-called “mainstream” media has zeroed in on the conspiracy theory that the Russians hacked the election.

The New York Times ran a story claiming the Russians had hacked into the Republican National Committee but withheld the data they obtained.

There was just one problem with their story.

It was fake news.

The Times used the story to try and prove the conspiracy theory that Russia interfered in the election to directly elect Donald Trump.

The left and the press claimed that both the Democrat and Republican National Committees were hacked, but just the emails from the DNC were released, which proves the Russians were acting to damage Clinton in support for Trump.

But the claims are false.

Multiple Republican National Committee officials directly refuted the Times’ story and called it fake news.

President-elect Trump’s Chief of Staff – and former Republican National Committee Chair – Reince Priebus also denied the allegation that the RNC was hacked.

Politico reports:

“But Priebus, who is set to become the chief of staff in the new Trump administration, said in two separate interviews that there’s no evidence the RNC was hacked.

“We contacted the FBI months ago when the DNC issue came about,” Priebus said on ABC’s “This Week.” “They’ve reviewed all of our systems. We have hacking detection systems in place. And the conclusion was then, as it was again two days ago, when we went back to the FBI to ask them about this, that the RNC was not hacked.”

Priebus added on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he doesn’t know of any RNC employees whose private accounts had been hacked, either.”

So far, there is no evidence the Russians interfered with the election on Trump’s behalf.

Still, some in the CIA believe Russia did intend to elect Trump.

But the FBI shot down their theory.

The Bureau’s assessment was Russia was acting to destabilize American democracy.

However, Democrats and the press have latched onto this conspiracy theory in an effort to undermine Donald Trump’s Presidency and delegitimize his victory.