President-elect Donald Trump has yet to name a Secretary of State.

Failed 2012 Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is under consideration for the position.

But the terms of the job offer would humiliate Romney and the Republican establishment if he is tapped for the position.

During the GOP primary contest, Mitt Romney made himself the establishment’s leading Trump critic.

He savaged Trump in deeply personal terms – which infuriated grassroots conservatives – but thrilled establishment Republicans hoping to derail Trump’s bid.

Romney – who feverishly sought Trump’s endorsement in 2012 – played the role of establishment attack dog.

Even after Trump won the nomination, Romney continued to flirt with endorsing third party candidates Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin.

Many conservatives are upset the establishment-moderate Romney is being considered for President-elect Trump’s cabinet, and are insisting Romney publically apologize for the outrageous smears he hurled at Trump during the campaign.

Mediaite reports:

“According to Fox News’ Ed Henry, President-elect Donald Trump may make things a little more difficult for Mitt Romney if he hopes to become our nation’s next Secretary of State…

…A senior transition official tells Henry that they are considering whether he has to issue a public apology for his past severe anti-Trump rhetoric. Romney called the real estate mogul a “phony and a fraud,” in that March address, continuing, “There is a dark irony in his boasts of his sexual exploits during the Vietnam War, while at the same time, John McCain — who he has mocked — was imprisoned and tortured.”

Other Trump allies went on the record and argued that the only way Romney should be considered for Secretary of State is if he issues a public apology.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox News to make that case.

And Congressman Chris Collins – one of Trump’s earliest supporters in the House of Representatives – also made a similar claim.

Breitbart reports on an interview the Congressman gave to Fox Business Channel’s Varney and Company:

“Collins  said, “Oh, yeah. absolutely. There’s no question Charles, by the way happy Thanksgiving. You know Mitt Romney said some awful things but now we are seeing chief excursive Donald J. Trump run and surround himself to the best an brightest. We’ve seen that’s how he operates in his business. And so I think as we’re seeing cabinet pecks he’s picking best and brightest.”

“He’s looking beyond if you will some of the comments folks may have made or who they were supporting,” he continued. “But I actually think Mitt Romney went overboard an he absolutely should apologize, whether he’s seek to be secretary of state or not. Donald J. Trump is the president-elect. He’s the Republican, and he should do that.”

A public apology would the ultimate humiliation for Romney and his establishment allies.

After Romney attacked him in the primary, Trump remarked that Romney was so desperate for his endorsement in 2012, he could have ordered Romney to drop to his knees and he would have done so.

But the price of public humiliation for Romney is still too low for many conservatives who view Romney as a traitor for his anti-Trump campaigning.

Some believe a public apology is being floated to make the job unappealing to Romney.

Many conservatives are hoping President-elect Trump will select a Secretary of State who will be loyal to his administration and more realistic foreign policy.

That is not Mitt Romney.