Paul Ryan is the Republican face of the globalist elite.

He supports open borders, interventionist foreign policy, and international trade deals.

And he just might be headed for defeat to a conservative primary challenger.

Ryan’s primary is just one month away and many believed he was cruising to victory.

But a new poll shows his support is sinking.

Breitbart reports:

“A poll of likely Republican voters shows House Speaker Paul Ryan well below 50 percent in his race to maintain his seat in Wisconsin’s first Congressional district.

The poll was conducted by P.M.I., with 424 respondents randomly called from a file of 11,000 likely GOP primary voters. It shows that with one month remaining before Wisconsin’s August 9th vote, Ryan is polling at 43 percent.

Ryan’s challenger, Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, is polling at 32 percent.

The Nehlen campaign notes that Ryan’s 43 percent “represents a drop of more than 30 points since the Nehlen campaign began polling likely Republican primary voters earlier in the year.”

“This poll shows voters are considering their options and choosing to opt out of Paul Ryan’s job-killing policies,” Nehlen said.”

In addition to Ryan’s globalist policy agenda, he has made political missteps which have damaged his support.

Ryan has been widely considered as undermining Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to set up a run for himself in 2020.

Trump’s poll numbers took a hit after Ryan recklessly described Trump’s comments about a judge not being able to fairly rule in a case Trump is involved in as, “the textbook definition of racism.”

Ryan further angered conservatives when he surrendered to the Democrats’ demands to hold a vote on gun control legislation in the wake of the Orlando terror attack.

Conservatives were able to stop Ryan from bringing the bill to the floor for a vote when they united in opposition, but many were infuriated that Ryan followed along with the liberal narrative of access to firearms – and not radical Islamic terrorism – was the cause of the attack.

While this new poll is just one data point, this political environment mirrors that which surrounded former Majority Leader Eric Cantor when he was defeated by a conservative primary challenger in 2014.

Like Ryan, Cantor favored global trade deals and open borders.

And all the experts believed there was no way he could lose to challenger Dave Brat.

In fact, Cantor’s own polling showed him up by 30 points.

But a populist conservative revolt toppled the Majority Leader.

And the same scenario appears to be playing again.

Will Paul Ryan be defeated in his primary?

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