Establishment Republicans are pushing hard for President-elect Donald Trump to name failed 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney as his Secretary of State.

But Donald Trump has expanded his field of candidates for the position.

A new name has surfaced, and elite Republicans are panicking over how his nomination would be a blow to their grip on power.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has moved up the ladder of candidates as possible Secretary of State.

Unlike Mitt Romney, Representative Rohrabacher is both a conservative and a supporter of Donald Trump.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, he Tweeted out a message that indicated he was under consideration for the position:

“I have been told that I am under consideration to join President Trump’s team as Secretary of State.  While my present intention, of course, is to continue to fight for liberty and freedom as a member of the House of Representatives, as a strong supporter of President-Elect Trump’s vision for America, it would be a privilege and an honor to serve as his Secretary of State.

Breitbart News is conducting a poll of potential candidates for Secretary of State. As a supporter of mine who shares values and patriotism, I thought you might want to participate in this poll and am providing you a link to do so HERE

 The Rohrabacher Family just had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We wish you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and terrific New Year.

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After Trump’s second meeting with Romney, top Trump advisors informed the media he was expanding the field of candidates.

And reports are indicating the conservative Rohrabacher is now a favorite for the job.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Two sources late Saturday said that there is an emerging “consensus package” of Rohrabacher, a long-serving California lawmaker who heads a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, as the secretary and Bolton as his chief deputy.

“This is percolating through the system and Dana the dark horse is emerging from the back of the pack,” said one transition source. Another said, “I’m feeling like a surprise might be in order.”

According to the sources, Trump advisors Stephen Bannon and Peter Thiel have spent four hours on the phone with Rohrabacher and found that he agrees with all Trump top policy agenda items. He was a supporter of Trump also. One source said that Rohrabacher may be headed to Trump Tower next week for a meeting with the President-elect.

He is a former Reagan speechwriter and expert on Afghan policy. He also has one of the most interestingly-decorated House offices and is even a California surfer.

Sources said that he was previously asked his interest in being No. 2 at State under Romney, but said that he couldn’t work for a secretary who did not support Trump during the campaign.”

Donald Trump won the election campaigning against the failed foreign policy of not just Barack Obama, but also George W. Bush.

He’s promised a new foreign policy where the U.S. puts “America First” and abandons the reckless interventions and nation building that found America mired in war for over a decade in the Middle East.

Romney hails from the establishment wing of the party that fully supports the neocon foreign policy.

Congressman Rohrabacher is a traditional conservative who endorsed Rand Paul in the GOP primary before switching to Trump.

He understands that nation building is a mistake, and also believes – as the President-elect does – that Russia could be an ally in the fight against ISIS.