Barack Obama may end up wishing his loyalists never illegally leaked classified information about Donald Trump and his associates.

Because someone is threatening payback.

And it could end up exposing the worse secrets and failures of Obama’s time as President.

Obama supporters in the intelligence community have selectively leaked classified information about Trump and his associates to damage the new administration.

There is no accusation of wrongdoing or even proof of improper contacts or relationships, but Democrats and the press have used these carefully framed leaks to manufacture a scandal surrounding Trump and Russia.

Critics believe one of the reasons for the leaks was to corner Trump into abandoning his policy of cooperation with Russia which would enlist them together in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

Hawks in both parties were furious over Trump’s desire to reorient America’s relationship with Russia and his refusal to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The leaks achieved some success as they forced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn to resign and stalled Trump’s push for cooperation with Moscow.

But not everyone is happy.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recently discussed the state of U.S.-Russia relations and made a startling threat.

She stated that since leaks were becoming such a common occurrence, maybe it was time to leak some of Obama’s dirty secrets.

According to a transcript posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, she stated:

“As I said, such cases in our relations with the US Department of State have become a bad tradition over the past few years. So, I can say in response to your question that we will make the date and format of contacts between the Russian and US foreign ministers public after we coordinate them. We won’t keep them quiet. At this point, I don’t have any information I can share with you. I can say that this visit and such contacts are possible in principle, but it would be premature to talk about timeframes.

Also, I would like to say that if the practice of leaking information that concerns not just the United States but also Russia, which has become a tradition in Washington in the past few years, continues, there will come a day when the media will publish leaks about the things that Washington asked us to keep secret, for example, things that happened during President Obama’s terms in office. Believe me, this could be very interesting information.

Our American colleagues must decide if they respect the diplomatic procedure, if they keep their word on the arrangements made between us, primarily arrangements made at their own request, or we create a few very nice surprises for each other.”

What secrets did Obama ask the Russians to keep?

And did his administration over play their hand by trying to conjure up a scandal between Trump and Russia?

The payback could be the release of secrets that damage American national security.

And will they reveal it was really the Obama administration that went east on Russia?