Americans were horrified to learn of the 18 year-old illegal immigrant who raped a 14 year-old girl in a Rockville, Maryland high school bathroom.

But as more facts emerged, it became clear the tragedy was preventable.

And the blame for this incident lies at the feet of one man.

Barack Obama’s policy of catch-and-release exploded the crisis of unaccompanied minors flooding across our borders.

This policy allows border agents to release illegal aliens after they are caught sneaking into America, and then they receive only a notice of the date of their court hearing.

Few illegal aliens appear for the hearing, and they are then allowed to roam free in America.

One such illegal alien living in America with a deportation hearing notice was Henry Sanchez-Milian.

The 18 year-old illegal alien was caught crossing the border in Texas back in August.

He was given a notice of a hearing and then turned loose by the Obama administration.

WTOP reports:

“One of two teens charged with raping a girl at a high school in Rockville, Maryland, entered the United States illegally and was questioned by border patrol agents in Texas less than a year ago, according to a spokesman with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Henry Sanchez-Milian, 18, was encountered by a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, in August 2016. The agent determined that Sanchez-Milian had unlawfully entered the country from Mexico, said ICE spokesman Matthew Bourke.

“Sanchez-Milian was issued a notice to appear in front of an immigration judge, which is currently waiting to be scheduled,” Bourke said in a statement.”

Sanchez-Milian ended up in a Maryland high school where he and another illegal alien brutally raped a 14 year-old girl.

Breitbart spoke to an expert from the non-partisan Center for Immigration studies who explained how Obama made this tragedy possible:

“An alleged rapist was delivered from Central America to a school hallway in Maryland by former President Barack Obama’s policy of treating economic migrants as if they were victims of crime, said an expert on illegal immigration.

“The only reason the older youth, Sanchez Milian, was in the country at all was because of the Obama administration’s catch and release policies that allowed him to be resettled in Maryland (with the support of taxpayers), with few questions asked,” the Center for Immigration Studies’ Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan told Breitbart News.

“Few groups of illegal immigrants have left such a violent mark in our community as these so-called unaccompanied minors—they are almost like modern day Marielitos (the Cuban inmates released by Fidel Castro decades ago),” she said. “Dozens have been arrested for violent crimes in Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia and Texas.”

Police arrested two illegal alien suspects, 18-year-old Henry E. Sanchez Milian and 17-year-old Jose Montano, on Thursday after staff at Rockville High School in Maryland reported a sex attack on a 14-year-old freshman who had just escaped her alleged assailants. Sanchez Milian is a citizen of Guatemala.”

Upon taking office, Donald Trump signed an executive order which ended the policy of catch and release.

To help make this policy a reality, the Trump administration is sending immigration judges ( to border towns to speed up the process.

That’s because ending catch-and-release requires personnel to adjudicate illegal aliens deportation hearings.

By sending in immigration judges, the Trump administration isn’t just mouthing empty words about cracking down on illegal immigration.

They are taking concrete actions.