After Alton Sterling was killed in a confrontation with police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Barack Obama leapt at the chance to criticize law enforcement.

But as usual, Obama blasted the police without knowing all the facts.

And video footage shows a more complicated picture of the encounter between Sterling and police.

In the aftermath of Sterling’s death, Obama took time out of his trip to Poland to level charges of racism against our nation’s police.

Time reports:

But what I can say is that all of us as Americans should be troubled by the news. These are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system…

…African-Americans are 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over.

After being pulled over, African-Americans and Hispanics are three times more likely to be searched. Last year, African-Americans were shot by police at more than twice the rate of whites.

African-Americans are arrested at twice the rate of whites. African-American defendants are 75 percent more likely to be charged with offenses carrying mandatory minimums. They receive sentences that are almost 10 percent longer than comparable whites arrested for the same crime.

So while Obama smeared police as bigoted storm-troopers who search for minorities to oppress, the true facts of the Sterling incident demonstrates that Obama still doesn’t know what he is talking about.

CNN reported that police had confronted Sterling after a homeless man called 9-1-1, saying Sterling waved a gun at him when he asked for money.

There is a video of the confrontation which sheds some light on why police officers felt their lives were in danger and deployed deadly force.

The blog posted the video of the incident which – in their words – was not blurred out or compressed.

The footage was hosted by USA Today and you can watch it below.

Black Lives Matter activists, the media, and Obama have all painted this encounter as police brutally murdering a suspect who was subdued.

But the footage hosted by USA Today shows Sterling struggling with law enforcement and moving his arms in a fashion that may have led officers to believe he was trying to reach for the gun in his pants pocket. describes the video:

One of the first items of note in the video is that Alton Sterling’s left hand was clearly restrained and under the control of Officer One. However, Sterling’s right hand is clearly not under control of the officers. In fact, Officer Two’s position would have made it all but impossible for him to effectively control Sterling’s hand. You can see moments where Sterling is moving his elbow, making a pulling motion. Officer Two can be seen fighting Sterling for control of his hand. Then, just before the shots were fired, you can see Officer Two’s hand is empty and clearly not holding Sterling’s hand.

Officer Two’s hand then follows Sterling’s hand towards his right pocket, and that’s when you hear shots being fired. Later in the video you can see Officer One remove a gun from Sterling’s right pocket. The only logical conclusion is that Sterling was reaching for his gun. If somebody has two police officers pointing guns at them, while telling them not to move after discovering their gun, and the person then reaches towards their gun, then it’s really obvious that they are trying to get to their gun. We have clear evidence here that Sterling was going for a gun at the time he was shot…

…We still don’t have many details on this case, but every day the new details all seem to support the case that Sterling was justifiably shot as a result of his decision to reach for his gun. We’ll keep you updated as more details come in.