A social experiment was just conducted by two gun supporters in Dearborn, Michigan and the results were disheartening.

The two gun supporters were attempting to see to what degree police officers would respect their second amendment rights, albeit, in a questionable manner.

The Daily Caller reports:

Brandon Vreeland, 40, and James Baker, 24, were arrested Feb. 5 after the younger one walked into the police department with a short-barreled rifle strapped to his chest, and a semi-automatic pistol tied to his waist, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The act was completely legal according to the protections constituted under the Second Amendment.

The Daily Caller reports:

Vreeland left his gun in the car so he could videotape the encounter as an experiment to see if police would respect the Second Amendment rights of the U.S. Constitution. Both have previously said they are legal gun owners, and that Michigan law allows them to carry their weapon openly, including in a police station.

However, upon entering the police station, both were immediately aimed at by the police officer’s weapons, who had prepared for their arrival in a surprising manner.

The shocking truth is that the two had been tracked for weeks via a fake Facebook page made by some of the rogue police officers.

The Daily Caller reports:

The men allege that police knew of their arrival because of a fake Facebook account that was used to track their activities. Officers reportedly had their guns drawn before Baker and Vreeland reached the precinct.

The police and the two men essentially got in a standoff as the officers, with guns out, yelled at the men to drop their weapons.

“Put it on the ground or you are dead! I will shoot you. I will put a round in you. What the hell is the matter with you?” One officer can be heard screaming in the video.

The legal representative of the two men claims they did not act illegally, but stated the police officers acted in a wrongful manner.

The Daily Caller reports:

Somberg alleges that not only did his client and his associate do nothing illegal, but the police were acting in a wrongful manner. He says documents show that police created a Facebook profile with the name “Olivia” and scanned publicly posted conversations on the social media platform.

“My clients have other activist friends,” Somberg said. “They have a whole network, so they’re just screen-shooting everybody.”

Meanwhile, local Michigan gun-rights group, Michigan Open Carry, apparently did not condone the acts of Vreeland and Baker.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Let us be clear, Michigan Open Carry Inc. in no way supports the actions of these individuals. It is our belief that their actions were reckless and primarily designed to draw attention and a response,” Lambert said.

“We audit police to see how well they honor the Constitution and people’s rights,” Vreeland said after posting $1,500 bond. “We showcase police abuse and abuse of police power in the totalitarian police state that we live in.”

What are your thoughts?

Do you think using a fake Facebook page to track others is an infringement upon someone’s rights?

Do you agree with what Vreeland and Baker did to test their rights?

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