Chicago saw a Memorial Day unlike any other, but the circumstances were certainly not celebratory.

Over 50 people were reportedly shot and killed or severely injured as a result of a string of violence which occurred over the weekend.

And while Chicago lawmakers are trying to take action to protect their citizens, Illinois state lawmakers are cracking down on illegal guns instead of allowing civilians to carry their own arms legally.

The rising violence in Chicago calls for loosened concealed-carry laws now more than ever.

Democratic lawmakers in Illinois want to initiate a measure that will harshly punish those caught with an illegal firearm in their possession, but they fail to realize that will not stop the violence from occurring.

The Daily Caller reports:

Black Democratic lawmakers in Illinois say a measure that would harshly punish those illegally caught with a firearm in their possession in multiple instances will harm African-American residents in Chicago.

According to Chicago’s WTTW, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson praised the measure Monday following its passage in the state house. But with the backing of other black caucus members, Rep. Thaddeus Jones used a procedural maneuver, known as a “motion to reconsider,” to stall the bill.

“We believe this bill is incomplete in its current formation. We are seeking to work on a holistic solution that includes revenue to impacted communities that will fully fund violence prevention programs, enhance public educational opportunities, job programs while also allowing police officers the tools needed to properly identify gun offenders,” Jones said in a statement. “We believe gun violence should be declared a public health crisis and we will review the timetable on the hold and will work for a better solution. This bill does not provide that solution.”

Members of the black caucus argued that the statewide plan is actually meant to target the violence in Chicago. They say the city’s police force is more of the problem, claiming their use of excessive force is too often used against minority residents.

Chicago citizens need a way to protect themselves and their family, instead of relying on an already overwhelmed and spread-out Chicago police force.

Lawmakers did address this issue found within the police force and admitted there is simply not enough manpower to protect the entire city in its current explosive state.

But Democratic lawmakers continue to fail to realize that there will always be violent extremist crime, and the only way to inhibit it is to allow our citizens to protect themselves with their concealed carry weapon of choice.

The liberal members of the Illinois House also blamed the violence on racism in the Chicago area, rather than gang wars or extremist violence, and that the violence erupted over Memorial Day weekend due to shortages within the police force.

The Daily Caller reports:

Additionally, the lawmakers say that they should be looking at recruiting more police to catch shooters.

“It just goes to show you how racist all of this is,” Chicago Democratic Rep. Mary Flowers said, adding that violence is a result of “systemic racism” that keeps blacks economically impoverished.

Rick Ector, a black firearms instructor who teaches residents in Detroit  how to handle firearms safely told The Daily Caller in a statement, “I am in agreement with the sentiment apparently voiced by Mayor Emanuel and Police Commissioner Johnson. One strong and direct way to cut violent crime is to hold offenders of gun accountable when they are caught. Giving violators enhanced sentences would send a strong message and give the law enforcement community tools to safeguard the public.”

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