Tuesday gave way to a new America, as not only the Presidency and the House of Representatives were voted Republican, but the Senate, as well — securing a majority in both Houses of Congress.

In an unsurprising trend, many who had vocally opposed Donald Trump as a presidential nominee lost their seats in the Senate.

In fact, those who rejected Trump and tried to run their races alone were the only members of the Republican Party in the Senate to lose their re-election bids.

The Daily Caller reports:

But Tuesday’s results revealed an interesting dynamic: The Republican Senate candidates who rejected President-elect Donald Trump and tried to go it alone were the only ones who ended up losing their races.

There were eight new Republican seats and one Democratic seat up for grabs Tuesday night — Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

Of the nine seats being voted for replacement, six of the Republican nominees either did not oppose Trump publicly or offered support of the now President-elect.

Three of them explicitly rejected Trump, and consequently lost the favor of their voters — Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Mark Kirk in Illinois, and Joe Heck in Nevada.

The Daily Caller reports:

In the case of Kirk, this is unsurprising as winning was a long shot for him no matter what. But Ayotte and Heck were both in very winnable races, and even had a better chance of winning than many of their peers who ultimately triumphed. Heck led throughout the summer, but after withdrawing his support for Trump in early October he declined, and fell slightly behind Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. On Election Day, Heck finished with about 17,000 fewer votes than Trump in the state.

Ayotte’s defeat was most notable, as she was ahead in the polls and should have had a victory set in stone.

Instead, she faltered by about 700 votes.

Not all of the Senate candidates were so sure of victory — there were many close races for different Republican Senators this term.

The Daily Caller reports:

In other states, a potentially close race turned into a massacre. Todd Young was only barely favored over Democrat Evan Bayh, but thrashed him by about 10 points in Indiana. A similarly-vulnerable Richard Burr in North Carolina ended up pounding Deborah Ross by six points.

In Donald Trump’s victory speech after his win as President-elect, he spoke of uniting the country, and urged those who opposed him to band together so the nation can be restored to its former glory.

He also claimed that those who stand opposed to that ideal have no place in arguing against it.

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