CNN was in full meltdown mode.

Hosts and analysts were freaking out over Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of Barack Obama’s global warming deal.

Jake Tapper tried to force Rand Paul to admit Trump was wrong, but the Kentucky Senator shut down the CNN host in an interview you need to see.

Tapper threw all of the typical global warming alarmist arguments at Paul.

He tried citing NASA models about rising sea levels, flooding and threats to the planet.

Paul swatted away those arguments by pointing out the models have always been wrong and are constantly being revised.

Real Clear Politics reports on their exchange:

Paul argued that scientists have been predicting disaster for decades, while Tapper disagreed, claiming about the predictions: “all of it has happened.”

“You need to make sure that your viewers know that most of [climate scientists’] models have been wrong,” Paul said. “They adjust it every year because they haven’t been good at predicting things.”

“But obviously scientists have been predicting for years that the temperatures would go up, that glaciers would shrink, that sea ice would disappear, that oceans would rise, that the sea level would rise and there would be longer and more intense heat waves and all of that has happened, Senator,” Tapper argued. “All of it has happened.”

John Christy and Richard McNider – both fellows at the American Meteorological Society – wrote a 2014 Wall Street Journal op-ed where they described how the climate models were wrong.

They stated:

“What is not a known fact is by how much the Earth’s atmosphere will warm in response to this added carbon dioxide. The warming numbers most commonly advanced are created by climate computer models built almost entirely by scientists who believe in catastrophic global warming. The rate of warming forecast by these models depends on many assumptions and engineering to replicate a complex world in tractable terms, such as how water vapor and clouds will react to the direct heat added by carbon dioxide or the rate of heat uptake, or absorption, by the oceans.

We might forgive these modelers if their forecasts had not been so consistently and spectacularly wrong. From the beginning of climate modeling in the 1980s, these forecasts have, on average, always overstated the degree to which the Earth is warming compared with what we see in the real climate.”

Paul also mocked Tapper for having a previous guest on the air who hysterically claimed Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords would lead to mass extinctions.

Mediaite reports:

Appearing on CNN Thursday, Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky quoted a critic of the move who said that it could potentially result in “mass extinction.”

“Mass extinction? Really?” Paul said. “That’s a ridiculous statement…I don’t think we should be alarmist about this.”

Tapper tried to push back by trying to force Paul on the defensive by demanding he state if human beings were causing climate change.

Paul refused to give an inch and shut him down.

Mediaite also reports:

Jake Tapper pushed back on a statement of Paul’s that questioned how much of climate change is the fault of man.

“Are you really saying that man is not contributing to climate change?” Tapper asked.

“This is the big argument that none of you guys get…How much is nature and how much is man?” Paul said. “I’m perfectly willing to admit that man can have an influence and we should minimize our pollution. But those who say that it is all man and don’t acknowledge that the 4.5 billion year old planet has gone through climate change based on natural effects…”

Paul’s interview was one of the most complete destructions of global warming hysteria you will ever see.

You can watch the interview below.


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