Establishment Republicans panicked at the first signs of the so-called “mainstream” media in hysteria over Donald Trump’s executive orders to prevent dangerous, non-vetted Islamist from infiltrating America.

Trump stuck to his guns and defended his order.

Many expected Paul Ryan would lead a charge against Trump’s orders.

But what he had to say shocked everyone.

Some Republicans were unnerved by the TV images of professional protesters waiving professionally made signs at airports across the country.

They ran to the left-wing press to express their opposition to Trump’s executive orders.

Many anticipated pro-open borders Paul Ryan to line up against Trump.

But in a closed door meeting of House Republicans, Ryan strongly defended Trump’s executive order.

Reuters reports:

“House Speaker Paul Ryan has given a strong defense of President Donald Trump’s refugee and immigration ban.

That’s the word from Republicans who attended a closed-door meeting Tuesday morning. Lawmakers said Ryan told them he backs the order, which has created chaos and confusion worldwide.

Ryan cautioned lawmakers that support won’t be easy and warned them to expect protests in their districts.

Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee said Ryan told GOP members that the “the rollout was a little bumpy, been a few potholes in the road but the actual policy he agreed with.”

Ryan said it was similar to legislation that the House backed in 2014.”

Both Houses of Congress passed legislation that was signed into law restricting visa waivers from the countries included in the executive order.

Trump’s order was not a complete shut-down or a ban.

It was a temporary 90-day pause in travel from seven nations, and a 120-day pause for the refugee program until proper vetting measures are put in place.

While the order indefinitely suspended the Syrian refugee program, Trump was able to get King Salman of Saudi Arabia to agree to help support safe zones for refugees in Syria and Yemen.

Ryan later defended the executive orders to reporters.

The New York Times reports:

“Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Tuesday stood by President Trump’s executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries, ending days of public silence on the matter with only gentle criticism that “regrettably, the rollout was confusing.”

“We need to make sure that the vetting standards are up to snuff,” Mr. Ryan told reporters at the Capitol, saying he remained broadly supportive of the order and citing a “very good conversation” with John F. Kelly, the Homeland Security secretary.”

Many pundits were surprised Ryan would support Trump on this issue.

He has always supported importing refugees into America and he is the point man in Congress for amnesty and open borders.

So-called “mainstream” media pundits were upset by Ryan’s comments.

They hoped Ryan would come out in opposition to President Trump so they could write stories of a divided GOP with its top-two elected officials bumping heads on a key policy just days into a new administration.

But for now, Ryan is letting them down by backing Trump and the conservatives who elected him.