When the Democrats dropped their “October surprise” video of Donald Trump making lewd comments, establishment Republicans rushed to withdraw their support in the face of a liberal media pile-on.

House Speaker Paul Ryan led the charge when he announced he would no longer defend the Republican nominee.

But Ryan and other establishment Republicans may have made the biggest mistake of their careers.

The furor over the video began to subside after Trump turned in a strong performance during the final Presidential debate.

The race also began to tighten when FBI Director James Comey announced he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

The ABC/Washington Post tracking poll debuted with Clinton holding a 12-point lead.

But as of November 1st, Trump has erased that deficit, surging to a 1-point lead.

The poll also shows Trump leading by 7 points in the states ABC classified as toss-ups.

But for the establishment politicians like Paul Ryan who ran away from Trump, they’re leading a parade with no followers.

The Washington Post reports:

“When at least four GOP senators left Trump after The Tape™, it looks like they underestimated both their nominee’s resilience and his resonance with their base. A wave of daily Washington Post-ABC News tracking polls finds that Republican voters are coming home to Trump, too, and that the race is more or less tied (at least at the national level).

Meanwhile, unlike politicians, most Trump supporters never really left Trump after the tape at all. Which means the lawmakers who flipped on him realized that they had no (political) choice but to recalculate and flop back. “There is an intensity to the Trump voter that I haven’t seen in my life in politics,” longtime Republican pollster Frank Luntz told my Washington Post colleague Mike DeBonis recently.”

Ryan’s troubles also include disapproval from Republican voters for not campaigning for Trump.

A Pew Survey found that by over a 2-to-1 margin, Republican voters disapproved of his decision to abandon Trump.

Any future run for the Presidency – or run for re-election in Congress – could be tricky due to his refusal to stand by Donald Trump.

Other politicians like Congressman Joe Heck – who is running for Harry Reid’s Senate seat in Nevada – have seen their poll numbers decline after ditching Trump to play for applause from the liberal media.

Do you think these politicians will pay the price for disavowing Donald Trump?

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