Illegal leaks of classified information continue to plague the Trump administration.

Now the Deep State is targeting our national security.

This was all caused by Obama, and now everyone is buzzing about treason.

The rogue Iranian government is still on the path to a nuclear weapons program and Obama’s loyalists within the intelligence community are leaking to hurt Trump’s get tough on Iran policy.

To that end they leaked the name of America’s top spy in Iran to the New York Times and severely damaged our intelligence gathering capabilities.

Bre Peyton wrote in The Federalist:

“In an article published Friday, The New York Times outed the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) top spy overseeing the organization’s efforts in Iran. The paper justified its outing of the undercover CIA spy and his role within the agency by saying it was necessary since the agent is “leading an important new administration initiative against Iran.”

Yes. That really happened.

In an article entitled “C.I.A. Names New Iran Chief in a Sign of Trump’s Hard Line,” the newspaper of record revealed that Michael D’Andrea, who previously led the hunt for Osama bin Laden, will now be in charge of the agency’s operations in Iran.

As the Times explained in its report, Iran is “one of the hardest targets” for the CIA to keep tabs on.

“The agency has extremely limited access to the country — no American embassy is open to provide diplomatic cover — and Iran’s intelligence services have spent nearly four decades trying to counter American espionage and covert operations,” the article noted.”

Many Americans would question why this information was leaked if intelligence in Iran was so hard to come by.

But it’s not hard to understand why when put in the context of the Obama administration’s coddling of Iran.

The administration had negotiated a deal with Iran that allowed the Islamic government in Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapon.

During the course of the negotiations, the Obama administration spied on Senate staffers by putting Israelis under surveillance and monitoring those communications.

The Obama administration also set free Iranians who were being tried on terrorism charges.

Peyton writes that this was done to hurt the Trump administration’s plan to reverse Obama’s policy of appeasement:

“Here’s what the Times article says (emphasis added):

The C.I.A. declined to comment on Mr. D’Andrea’s role, saying it does not discuss the identities or work of clandestine officials. The officials spoke only on the condition of anonymity because Mr. D’Andrea remains undercover, as do many senior officials based at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Va. Mr. Eatinger did not use his name. The New York Times is naming Mr. D’Andrea because his identity was previously published in news reports, and he is leading an important new administration initiative against Iran.

The bolded portion of the excerpt above links to a piece dated April 25, 2015, in which D’Andrea is identified as the man in charge of growing the CIA’s drone programs in Yemen and Pakistan. But the paper’s real reason for outing D’Andrea, who was depicted as a character known only as “The Wolf” in the film “Zero Dark Thirty,” is that he’s an Iran hawk likely to oppose the previous administration’s attempts to normalize the nation by giving it billions of dollars, trading it terrorists for hostages, and blessing its nuclear program.”

This leak happened for two reasons.

The first is that the Obama administration weaponized the intelligence community.

During his time in office, it morphed into the political enforcer arm of the Obama White House.

Obama had hard feelings towards Michael Flynn during his time as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency because of his hawkish views towards Iran and Islam.

So Obama loyalists illegally leaked classified information about him being picked up on surveillance talking to the Russian Ambassador.

He was never accused of wrong doing, but he was forced to resign when his explanations for his conversations did not square with what he had previously told Vice President Pence.

Flynn was taken out for sport because he was an opponent of the Iran deal.

The same scenario played out with the leak of our top spy in Iran.

His work was compromised because he promised to undo the disastrous Obama-Iran policy.

Obama’s subverting the intelligence community to work as an arm for his political operations was maybe the greatest abuse of power in American history.

Unleashing spies on political opponents was previously reserved for banana Republics and soviet satellite nations.

But Barack Obama brought this shameful behavior to America.


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