Illegal aliens are crossing the border in droves, and liberal billionaire George Soros is funding their way.

It’s no secret George Soros wants more illegals in America.

And even more frightening, he has the cash to back it up.

George Soros is worth an estimated $24 billion and he has used his money to promote his globalist agenda which includes open borders and more illegal immigration, including Muslims.

And while Hillary Clinton has been one of the main recipients of Soros’ cash, as he’s donated more than $11 million to Clinton’s campaign and various super PACs, he’s now funding local races in hopes to loosen immigration policies from the bottom up.

As of lately, Soros has set his target on defeating local Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Previously elected seven times, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become a household name with his no-nonsense approach to stopping illegal immigration.

Not one to run away from enforcing the law, Sheriff Joe has cracked down on illegal immigration while other law enforcement officers refuse to address the issue for fear of being called “racist”.

A newly registered Soros-backed group called “Maricopa Strong” has been dropping millions into the sheriff’s race to defeat Sheriff Joe.

Politico reports:

“Maricopa Strong has spent $2.9 million in the sheriff’s race, with the donations from Soros and others funding a flurry of mailers and TV ads boosting Democratic candidate Paul Penzone and hammering Arpaio. Soros has typically been the sole funder of his local outside-spending campaigns around the country, though Jobs and the Arnolds joined him in funding Maricopa Strong.”

As a bonus, pro-illegal immigration folks hope by motivating liberals to vote against Sheriff Joe, they will turn out in large numbers on Election Day to put Hillary in the White House.

Politico continues to report:

“We made a major investment in the effort to defeat Joe Arpaio for two reasons,” said Michael Vachon, a Soros spokesperson. “First, Joe Arpaio has been a stain on the justice system in Arizona for more than two decades, violating civil rights and abusing his office. Second, his influence on the national conversation about immigration has been poisonous. This election is an opportunity to send a message: When matched on an even playing field, the values of justice and inclusion will defeat the politics of fear-mongering and intolerance.”

 But while Soros folks dismiss the true illegal immigration crisis and call it simply “fear-mongering and intolerance”, reports show illegals are entering the country violently, even assaulting border agents on the way.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, this fiscal year has been the bloodiest attack on border agents by illegal aliens since 2012.

And once they make it across the border, an investigative report revealed illegals are even making it onto the voter rolls in multiple states across the nation.

 If Soros has his way, illegals will be allowed to cross the border no questions asked – and even be allowed to vote.

In the “borderless” world Soros envisions, there’s no telling who will enter and live in America’s neighborhoods.

If elected President, Trump has promised to crack down on illegal immigration, by opposing real limits on who can enter the United States.

Soros knows everything is on the line this election, which is why he’s invested over $2 million dollars to elect politicians who will loosen immigration restrictions and border security once and for all.

Do you think Soros will be successful in defeating Sheriff Joe?

What are your thoughts on having an “open border society” where illegals can freely enter America?

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