When five police officers were murdered by a radical black power activist in Dallas, Barack Obama’s instinct was to circle the wagons around the controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

Many critics believe the group’s heated anti-police rhetoric and protests inspire acts of violence against law enforcement.

But no one was prepared for exactly what Obama and his underlings were going to say.

Black Lives Matter activists are stepping up their attacks on police.

In Indianapolis, a Black Lives Matter supporter fired 17 shots at a police officer’s home and car.

Additionally, a deranged member of the radical movement broke into an off-duty police officer’s house – while the officer’s wife and children were home – following an argument on social media.

The officer defended his family and killed the intruder.

These are just two examples of the violence and hatred the Black Lives Matter movement whips up against police.

So how did the Obama administration respond?

By declaring Black Lives Matter protests a ‘good thing’.

The Washington Times reports:

“As police departments across the country geared up for more Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the White House on Thursday called the street protests “a good thing.”

Military bases posted warnings to personnel to stay away from public gathering spots.

Friday evening in 37 cities such as the Gateway Arch in St. Louis “due to potential protests and criminal activity.” Others said the online call for a “Day of Rage” across the U.S. is likely a hoax.

Law enforcement officials acknowledge they are on edge after the assassinations of five police officers in Dallas last week at a Black Lives Matter demonstration and the arrests in the past week of hundreds of people in major cities protesting the shooting deaths of two black men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the Black Lives Matter protests — as long as they are peaceful — could help bring reforms in police departments.

 “I would not describe the White House as concerned about these protests,” Mr. Earnest said. “They’re exercising their freedom of speech, they’re exercising their freedom of assembly. That’s a good thing. That’s a good start.”

The Obama administration’s praise for Black Lives Matter is just one of the reasons why police officers feel the White House does not fully support them.

Obama effusively praises Black Lives Matter, offering only gentle criticism to the controversial group.

Some wonder how Obama can claim to support law enforcement when the number of police officers killed in the line of duty has increased 44% in 2016, according to USA Today.

Critics contend the surge in police deaths is due, in some part, to the hostile climate and rhetoric Obama has helped create.

Do you believe Obama is waging a war on cops?

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