ObamaCare was the crown jewel of Barack Obama’s attempt to fundamentally transform America.

But Democrats paid a steep political price for ramming the socialist takeover of healthcare through Congress.

And now that ObamaCare is on the chopping block, a surprising group of Senators revealed they are willing to work to undo Barack Obama’s signature achievement.

By winning the Presidency and retaining their Congressional majorities, Republicans have the votes to repeal ObamaCare.

Since Democrats used the budgetary tactic of reconciliation — which only requires 51 votes to pass the law — Republicans can use the same maneuver to repeal it.

Incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus revealed in an interview with Hugh Hewitt that repealing ObamaCare would be the first thing Republicans do once Trump is sworn into office.

Here is a transcript of his remarks:

HH: “A couple of quick questions. Have you guys agreed on the size of the stimulus that you’re going to ask Congress for at the beginning of the legislative session?”

RP: “Well, no. I think we’re probably going to lead with ObamaCare repeal and then replace, then we will have tax, you know, we’ll have a small tax reform package, and then a bigger tax reform package at the end of April. So I think what you’re looking at is between two tax reform packages and reconciliation in the first nine months, you’re looking at what essentially comes down to like three basically different budget packages. And so it’s going to be a ton of work. Not to mention, you’ve got cabinet secretary appointments, a Supreme Court appointment, and you know the Senate calendar, how frustrating that can be. So it’s going to be a busy year starting with the first nine months being very much consumed through ObamaCare and tax reform.”

Republicans have also pledged to implement free market reforms to healthcare that would lower the cost to everyday Americans.

But to pass that law, and move on from Obama’s Soviet-style system, Republicans will need some Democrat votes.

And that very well may happen.

Politico reports some Democrats are signaling their intent to work with the GOP on implementing a more free market-oriented system:

Senate Democrats will never vote to repeal ObamaCare. But once the deed is done, a surprising number of them say they’re open to helping Republicans replace it.

“If it makes sense, I think there’ll be a lot of Democrats who would be for it,” said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

As Republicans aim to make good on their years-long vow to quash ObamaCare and replace it with their own healthcare vision, they’ll have to do something Democrats were never able to: Bring members of the opposing party on board. Enacting any substantive alternative will take at least eight Democratic votes in the Senate.

Yet the GOP will have powerful leverage that Democrats lacked in 2009 – namely, a huge number of members facing reelection in hostile territory.”

Democrats have incentive to support replacing ObamaCare.

Ten Democratic incumbent Senators are up for re-election in states Trump won.

The 2018 Senate map could be the biggest advantage Republicans have going in their favor.

Rather than push half-hearted replacements that keep components of ObamaCare in place, Republicans should force Democrats to vote against free market repeals.

Every election the GOP has been able to center on the disastrous effects of ObamaCare — 2010, 2014 and 2016 — the party has won sweeping victories.

The GOP should not try to accommodate Democrats to win their votes.

A simple message of “we will either have your vote or your seat – and we don’t really care which” would be enough to carry the day.