The Obama administration refused to lift a finger as the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution condemning Israel for building settlements in the West Bank.

Secretary of State John Kerry followed this up with a speech that many took as a slap in the face to the Israeli government.

Now prominent figures are accusing Obama of being an enemy.

When Obama sided with the Arab world – and the rest of the anti-Israeli nations in the U.N. – it broke the long-standing U.S. policy to protect Israel from being ganged up on at the Security Council.

As the only democracy in the Middle East, and as being a Jewish state surrounded by hostile Arab nations, Israel can only count on the United States for back up.

But that went out the window with Obama’s policy of appeasing Muslim nations.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz blasted Obama and Kerry, calling them “relentless enemies of Israel.”

The Hill reports:

“It is a sign of their radicalism and refusal to defend American interests that Obama and Kerry choose to attack the only inclusive democracy in the Middle East – a strong, steadfast ally of America – while turning a blind eye to the Islamic terrorism that grows daily,” he statement Wednesday. “These acts are shameful.”

“They are designed to create a legacy, and indeed they have: history will record and the world will fully understand Obama and Kerry as relentless enemies of Israel,” the former GOP presidential candidate added. “Their actions were designed to weaken and marginalize Israel, and to embolden its enemies.”

Cruz said lawmakers from both sides of the aisle reject Kerry’s speech earlier Wednesday criticizing Israeli settlement building in occupied territories.

“I believe Obama and Kerry’s shameful conduct will backfire,” he said. “That it will be short-lived, and will inspire a bipartisan repudiation of their radical anti-Israel agenda.”

“All Americans who understand the value of the U.S.-Israel alliance must immediately and unequivocally reject their false and dangerous narrative, and reassert our fundamental commitment to Israel’s security.”

In Kerry’s over one-hour speech, he ripped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for criticizing the U.S. for siding with Israel’s enemies.

Politico reports:

“We cannot in good conscience do nothing and say nothing when we see the hope of peace slipping away,” Kerry insisted in a 70-minute speech in Washington. “Friends need to tell each other the hard truths, and friendships require mutual respect.”

Using language rarely heard from a U.S. secretary of state, Kerry warned that the settlers’ growing political power would eventually force Israel to make a fateful choice: “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic – it cannot be both – and it won’t ever really be at peace.”

And he blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in strident terms, calling his ruling coalition “the most right-wing in Israeli history, with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements.” Those elements, Kerry said, are now “defining the future of Israel, and their stated purpose is clear. They believe in one state: greater Israel.”

Others agreed with Cruz that Obama and Kerry’s move sums up the failed foreign policy of the Obama years.

Do you agree that Obama and Kerry are enemies of Israel?

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