President Obama’s legacy just hit a brick wall.

In fact, Donald Trump’s victory is the final ‘nail in the coffin’ for Obama’s hopes and dreams regarding America’s future.

Obama knew everything was on the line in this election, and he spent much of his time on the campaign trail with Michelle, attempting to get Hillary elected.

He was deeply concerned black voters wouldn’t support Hillary, and as American Patriot Daily previously reported, Obama told the black community it would be a “personal insult to his legacy,” if the black community didn’t get together and back Hillary.

Despite all the scare tactics, Obama’s pleas went unheard.

Black voters didn’t turn out in the large numbers Hillary’s campaign had hoped for.

Obama’s campaign tactics failed miserably.

The American people spoke up, and vehemently voted against Hillary’s corrupt plans to take the United States down an even darker path.

ObamaCare has left millions of Americans with increased premiums and skyrocketing costs.

Businesses have felt the weight of Obama’s burdensome regulations.

Illegals have continued to be welcomed with open arms across the U.S. border.

The voters wanted a new way forward, which did not include Obama’s crippling policies.

Hillary vowed to maintain and expand the current status quo.

The American people finally rallied together and said enough is enough.

Still in shock and denial, Obama is coming to terms with the fact all of his work was for nothing.

Trump has already vowed to repeal ObamaCare within his first 100 days as president.

The Hill reports:

“While Obama emphasized the importance of a smooth transition and a unified American government, there was no mistaking the pain felt by those on hand…

No two-term president did more than Obama to ensure the election of his preferred successor in Clinton. But her colossal failure on Election Day could result in much of his legacy being wiped away.

Obama cast Clinton as a guardian of his accomplishments, warning voters in stark terms that a Trump presidency would “reverse every single thing that we’ve done.”

Trump has vowed to roll back Obama’s regulations on “day one,” hold a special session of Congress to repeal ObamaCare and “renegotiate” the Iran deal. “

Obama’s version of America has been rejected by the will of the American people.

Hillary thought she could ride the coattails of Obama’s previous voter turnout model, but her campaign was blinded by just how many people backed Donald Trump.

The polls were wrong. The media was in denial.

No one saw Trump’s victory coming, except for Trump and the American people.

Despite all the odds against him, Trump prevailed by staying true to his message, “Make America Great Again.”

As Obama begins to transition power over to Trump, Trump has already hit the ground running.

He’s developed a team of experienced professionals to help implement his 100-day “Contract With The American Voter” plan to undo Obama’s legacy.

Obama and his liberal pals thought they could pass down their leftist legacy to Hillary, but it’s the end of the line now.

Do you think Trump can undo Obama’s legacy?

Or will Obama’s legacy prevail even under new leadership?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.