It’s obvious Barack Obama and Donald Trump have different styles.

And that contrast has never been more evident than when they speak to Congress.

Obama’s speeches set one record and it’s among the most embarrassing failures of his Presidency.

Obama liked to talk about himself.

A lot.

His speeches were known for his frequent use of “I.”

The Washington Examiner reports he referred to himself 68 times during his first address to Congress:

“President Trump referred to himself during his first speech to a joint session of Congress at a much lower rate than former President Barack Obama did in his first address in February 2009, roughly half as often.

Trump used the word “I” 40 times and said “my” 12 times during his speech at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday evening. During Obama’s first such address eight years earlier, he said “I” a total of 68 times and “my” on eight occasions.”

And that’s considered a humble speech by Obama standards.

During his farewell address in Chicago he referenced himself 75 times.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Obama said “I” 33 times during the speech, “my” 20 times, “me” 10 times, and “I’m” or “I’ve” 12 times.

The president made a habit of focusing large chunks of his speeches on himself during his eight years in office.”

Obama even used memorial services to brag about himself.

At the funeral for five slain Dallas police officers – who were killed by a radical black power activist – Obama referred to himself 45 times.

The Daily Caller also reports:

“President Obama referred to himself 45 times over the course of the speech he delivered Tuesday at the memorial service for the five police officers killed in Dallas last week.

Obama referred to himself twice before finishing his opening salutations and before mentioning the slain officers or their families. After noting the presence of President Bush, members of Congress and Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings, Obama appeared to go off-script.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

“Chief Brown, I’m so glad I met Michelle first because she loves Stevie Wonder,” Obama said, jokingly referencing Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s earlier speech in which Brown quoted lyrics from the song “As” in tribute to the deceased. The president looked around the room, pointed at Brown and cracked a grin while the audience laughed at and applauded his joke. “Most of all, the families…” Obama said, proceeding with his speech.

Obama would refer to himself 43 more times throughout the speech — most of which he personally wrote, according to the LA Times — including one instance where he referred to himself in the third-person: “the president.”