Donald Trump sent earthquakes throughout the political world when he tweeted his accusations that the Obama administration had wiretapped the Trump Tower.

The media howled in outrage.

But that was nothing compared to Barack Obama’s reaction.

Multiple news agencies have reported that the FBI obtained a FISA warrant to monitor the Trump Tower server.

The Bureau believed this server was conducting “odd” communications with a Russian bank.

Heat Street, Circa, The BBC, and The Guardian have all reported on the existence of this warrant.

So when Trump fired off his allegations, he was not making them up out of thin air.

But Obama reacted with fury.

CNN reports:

“Obama was irked and exasperated in response to his successor’s uncorroborated wiretapping accusation, sources close to the former president tell CNN, though these sources say Obama’s reaction stopped short of outright fury.

Obama and his aides responded with disbelief when they learned of Trump’s Saturday morning tweets laying out the charges. Later in the day, an Obama spokesman said “neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any US citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

The sources provided CNN with slightly different insight into Obama’s demeanor than others who told The Wall Street Journal that Obama was “livid.”

Obama’s loyal army of supporters have been far more active in voicing their dissatisfaction with Trump. On social media and television, former aides have been aggressively pushing back on Trump in the first weeks of his presidency.”

NSA whistle blower Bill Binney has also backed up Trump’s claim, saying he was 100% correct that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the election.

And former CIA-agent Larry Johnson believes Trump was the target of spying – which Obama had been aware of.

So was Trump indeed wiretapped?

The House Intelligence Committee is investigating the matter.

And America will soon find out the truth.